Special Edition: Klingon D4 Class

The special edition models are supposed to be larger and more detailed than the regular fortnightly models and this fourth model does not disappoint. After a lacklustre start with the JJ Abrams Enterprise and Deep Space Nine the specials started to become more special with the USS Vengenace and now the Klingon D4 Class takes it up a notch.


Taking the ship out of its polystyrene packaging I was immediately impressed with the intricacy of the model. The wings are ornate and consist of jagged edges, struts and protruding chunks of hull. Mounted on both wings are aggressive looking weapons, a nice break from the usual phaser strips and pointed emitters of other ships. All over the ship is painted a simple gunmetal grey with off-orange markings in a well executed worn effect. The underside is almost devoid of any of these markings unfortunately, though a few parts of the main hull are turquoise and darker grey. I would have liked them to have used a separate piece of translucent plastic for the cockpit window rather than had them painted on in green.


The main body of the ship is well executed. It’s chunky, well detailed and the grills at the end are excellent. You can see right inside the model to see glimpses of internal components. Right at the end of there is a piece of a transparent plastic for the exhaust and the rest of the engine is darker coloured than the rest of the ship. With the menacing ‘spine’ that runs along the top of the hull it looks amazing. The wings are of course not articulated, unlike as seen in ST:Into Darkness, but that’s hardly a surprise. Nevertheless connecting components and hydraulics are obvious on the underside demonstrating the effect without implementing it.


From above the model looks really great, and it’s a credit to Eaglemoss that they’ve been able to reproduce the D4 in such a detailed and well constructed manner. There are no unexpected joins and it feels great to hold. Underneath the story is not so good as the wings are lacking details, made all the more stark by the fact the underside of the hull is given the same level of care as seen from above. Here a few joins are more jarring, but at least nothing is wonky or out of place.


Reader Alan suggested I make mention in my posts of the accompanying magazines, which I think is an excellent idea. The D4’s magazine is different to most other model’s. Normally he magazines begin with a section introducing the fictional history and construction of the ship, often with a schematic. Then the focus moves to how the TV show or movie’s ship was designed with perhaps a few sketches or variants. For the D4 virtually the whole magazine is devoted to how the designers created the ship. The pictures of discarded ideas and evolution are fascinating, but the content less so and I ended up not reading the last couple of pages. I certainly would have preferred if the magazine spent more time in the fictional world, but as it is they cover this in four paragraphs and no schematic.


  • Detailing: 5/5 (absolutely top notch apart from the wing undersides)
  • Construction: 5/5 (hollow components and well disguised joins)
  • Ship design: 5/5 (vicious yet sleek)
  • Overall: 5/5 (the best special edition in the collection so far)

4 thoughts on “Special Edition: Klingon D4 Class

  1. For a ship with such a small amount of screen time, it’s highly detailed, and a very well-made model. The one part of it I don’t care much for is the transparent exhaust nozzle at the back end. It looks exactly like what it is: plastic. I don’t recall how it looked in the movie, but I’d be willing to bet it wasn’t clear like that. A translucent green or grey would look much better (esp. if the ‘real’ one was crystal in some form).

    Also, you talk about the bottom of the wings not matching the detailing of the top. A photograph of that would be nice, to illustrate your point. Most of your reviews do have an upside-down view of the ship in question.

  2. Disagree with you on the DS9 front!! That is the only ‘proper’ special so far. Guess im just loyal to the original cannon . The other ‘specials’ arent special in my eyes!!

  3. Great review. This is a gorgeous model. I love all the intricate detailing. My only complaints are the above mentioned out of place clear exhaust piece, and how light it feels. But otherwise it is a wonderful little scifi ship. Which is the big issue. It’s a great execution of yet another generic and uninspired modern spaceship design. The ship looks like something from any 5 video games you randomly grab off the shelf. There is no visual language or poetry about it. Certainly nothing that says Klingon. It’s what we get when they keep letting graphic artists, more fascinated by style and fiddle bits, design these things, rather than the industrial designers of the past, who actually thought about what they did and how they worked.

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