Star Trek Starships Issue 42: USS Pasteur


The USS Pasteur appeared only once in ST:TNG final episode ‘All Good Things’ alongside the Enterprise D Refit. As it only ever appeared in a future that will never occurred it’s possible this ship willnever exist either. Technically none of these ships exist of course – but perhaps this one is even more fictional than the rest. I hope so as I’m not sure the idea of a hospital ship translates well from the sea to deep space. I suppose Luke Skywalker would think otherwise.


Anyway, regardless of it’s existence Eaglemoss have included it in the collection. It’s yet another oddball Starfleet vessel, eschewing the usual saucer section with a sphere. The engineering hull is very large in comparison. I like the spherical hull, but the rest of the ship looks ungainly and quite ugly. The model itself reproduces the Pasteur in all it’s glory in pastel blue and beige with greyish blue highlights. There is no aztecing but an abundance of painted windows and raised rectangles depicting the escape pods.


The build quality is very good with few notable joins and has a decent weight to it. Whilst this is no classic design it does actually fare very well as a model and fits in nicely with the other ST:TNG models.


I’ve decided to omit the ‘faithfulness’ score going forwards as I’m always awarding 5/5.

  • Detailing: 4/5 (lots of detailed paintwork and the return of red plastic ramscoops)
  • Construction: 5/5 (chunky and satisfying to hold)
  • Ship design: 3/5 (the sphere is excellent, the rest of the ship is hideous)
  • Overall: 4/5 (another weird Federation ship)




8 thoughts on “Star Trek Starships Issue 42: USS Pasteur

  1. Since you have dropped your faithfulness score How about maybe reviewing the magazine that comes with the ships as well. You don,t need to go into really deep detail about it just maybe say if you think if it gives a good insight into the ship and how it was designed maybe. Some of them do more on the alien race than on the ship.

  2. Good point from Alan, as the magazine mentions the fact that the Pasteur design was based on a sketch from Matt Jeffries, the designer of the original Enterprise. As such, I’ve always been partial to this ship, even though it’s not very pretty. I can understand the need for a hospital ship to look somewhat ungainly, as it’s no doubt full of patient’s rooms, medical labs, etc. In that sense, I think the design is quite logical. A ship like the Pasteur could be flown to a colony that’s overwhelmed by some sort of medical emergency, so I don’t understand why the idea doesn’t translate well. A garbage truck isn’t sleek and sexy, but it does an important job, so it doesn’t have to be visually appealing. Same here.

    1. It was based somewhat loosely and in a stylized way on one of Matt Jeffries concept designs for the TOS Enterprise. Which has since been rebranded as the USS Daedalus. (on screen decorative models of which show up in one of the shows). It was an ungainly ugly design that resembled a ball merged with a bottle of mouthwash. (which was an actual thing with Jeffries designs. His “Lief Erikson” from his personal IP was literally made from a bottle of Lavoris Mouthwash. AMT made model kits of it, twice!). The USS Pasteur design actually sexes up the concept substantially.

  3. I actually think it’s pretty cool. I like the bulkiness. But I thought I should let you know that your link to the Enterprise D refit is actually a link to the new Enterprise from the Abrams film.

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