Star Trek Starships Model Collection: Enterprise B

At first glance the NCC-1701-B model looks identical to the issue eight model of the USS Excelsior. Not so. Both the design, size and construction differ – the Enterprise B is actually slighter longer than the Excelsior and has a few additions such as an extra pair of impulse engines at the back of the saucer section. Furthermore whilst the nacelles are very similar the Enterprise uses far less transparent blue plastic and the fins at the ends are on the top instead of the sides. The construction has been rethought as the saucer section is one piece of die-cast metal instead of two which gives it a slightly weightier feel.


The model is well detailed almost everywhere with a fine aztecing on the saucer and engineering hulls, though absent in some places on the underneath.The colouring is good, mostly being slightly off-white with turquoise and red trims. It’s a nice combination of colours that work well together.


Like the Excelsior I think it’s one of the more clunkier Starfleet designs with its boat-shaped engineering hull and unsophisticated nacelle struts. There are worse though – just look at the Nebula Class and USS Grissom. Nevertheless the model appears accurate and is not just a rehash of the issue eight model so extra marks to Eaglemoss for that.


  • Detailing: 4/5 (actually pretty good, especially on the saucer section)
  • Construction: 5/5 (using a single piece for the hull is a good move)
  • Faithfulness: 5/5 (no complaints here)
  • Ship design: 3/5 (to me it feels ungainly, but it is a classic)
  • Overall: 4/5 (A good reproduction of one of the more obscure Enterprises)

8 thoughts on “Star Trek Starships Model Collection: Enterprise B

  1. I remember not being all that impressed by the Excelsior model when it arrived, but oddly I’m much more fond of the Enterprise B. Maybe it’s just the name, maybe it’s the flared lower hull, but I just like it a lot more. I agree that it’s good it wasn’t simply a remade of the earlier model, but a completely new redesign. Top marks for that.

    For being probably the ugliest Enterprise of them all, it’s a faithful reproduction that tries to make the best of what it had to work with.

  2. Te Excelsior when it was designed was done so to please Japanese fans as the Japanese like that kind of style so it was only fair to have an Enterprise that would please them too as there is or was a lot of Japanese Star Trek fans around the time it was designed. I like the Enterprise B much better than Excelsior too. It just looks better with the extra impulse engines and the bit on the lower hull.

  3. I was thinking about subscribing to the series, but looking at several pics of models I see what appear to be gouges, flaking or torn paint in the aztecing and some paint overflow. Is this correct or just the photography? Had bad experience with Franklin Mint on these many years ago and don’t want to invest in shoddy workmanship again.

    1. I can’t say I’ve noticed what you’ve described on any models I’ve seen, including my own. However, Eaglemoss has had production issues:

      – Many Starfleet models have misspellings on the hulls & nacelles
      – Painted windows often don’t match up with physical ones (‘window creep’)
      – Some glued parts can be crooked
      – Joins, often between metal and plastic parts, can be amazingly obvious
      – Accompanying magazines can have misspellings, poor editing

      Eaglemoss has said that at the price point of the models, and the fact they’re actually made in China, some production problems will occur. You can read through previous postings on this blog to hear about some of the issues mentioned above. Is it worth the investment? Personally I think many of the issues could have and should have been caught before shipping. Eaglemoss QC appears very lackluster, and the product spokesman would rather talk about some bizarre kitbash model that was seen for a fraction of a second in a complex CGI multi-ship battle sequence from one of the movies. But some of the ships have been simply breathtaking. For roughly a tenner a model, it might be better to have a model with some imperfections instead of no model at all. Still, I wish someone at EM could say, “We can’t ship out a model that says ‘United Federeration of Planets’ on it!”.

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