Forthcoming Model News

Recently Ben Robinson, project manager for Eaglemoss, hosted a Q&A session on twitter and gave us some exciting nuggets of info on what to expect in the collection.

Many we’ve had rumours of but it sounds like these ships are those most likely to make an appearance:

  • Mirror Universe Enterprise 1701
  • Sabre Class
  • Norway Class
  • Steamrunner Class
  • Akira Class
  • Enterprise J
  • Romulan Shuttle
  • Breen warship
  • USS Centaur
  • Smuggler’s ship from Unification
  • Gomtuu
  • Batris
  • Son’a ship


We also learnt that the next special edition will be the NX01 refit (after the USS Kelvin) which I’m really looking forward to. Many other ships were discussed and may possibly appear, but it seems the above list are the ones we’re more likely to see than others. The ones at the top are almost certainly going to be made. Check out a digest of Ben’s Q&A over at for the full details!



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