Star Trek Starships: Limited Edition Binder

Eaglemoss stuck this flyer in with a shipment of models recently. The standard magazine binders are fairly plain with a blue Starfleet symbol motif, but this ‘limited edition binder’ apparently has several Starfleet ships on the front. I’m not sure if I’m going to buy one myself, but if anyone else has let me know what you think?



5 thoughts on “Star Trek Starships: Limited Edition Binder

  1. It would have been nice if that had been the default style all along, but I’m not going to buy any, for two reasons: 1) Why is it two quid more? I’m not going to reward EM’s sometimes sloppy QC by giving them more than the bare minimum; and 2) I’m anal enough to want to maintain some semblance of uniformity with the binders. Changing horses mid-stream or having a few here and there that don’t match just isn’t done.

  2. I’ve done as Ian Pryde has, I ordered 1 only to house my special issues in, which until then hadn’t been in a binder at all. I do feel these look to be improved re-designed binders likely launched in other countries, perhaps America. Anyone able to give more info? I like the design much better than the pretty plain looking standard binders and would love to have all of them like it, but I won’t be paying out for that when I’m already getting the others as part of my subscription.

  3. Anyone know if the Canadian stock is still good I’m just starting my subscription and I’m worried about not receiving the ships. Seen a comment on twitter from Ben that they wouldn’t be making more of the old ships

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