Delta Flyer, Issue 38 and New Issues News

I’ve had the Delta Flyer for a couple of weeks now sitting on my coffee table. It’s one of the few ships my wife is happy for me to leave lying about, it seems to match her aesthetic sensibilities. I think it’s because most other ships are funny shapes, being saucers, struts, nacelles and wings. The Delta Flyer is streamlined, even more so than the blockier runabouts and shuttlecraft.


Its build and quality is very similar to the USS Orinoco of issue 32. The hull is die-cast metal and the underside is plastic meaning the ratio of metal to plastic is higher than other models so it feels pleasant to hold. Like the Orinoco the detail ‘resolution’ appears lower than on the other models. This is because of the change in scale – remember that the Eaglemoss models are not all built to the same scale, that would be madness. The warp emitters are integrated into the hull much like the Defiant and Eaglemoss have used the customary blue transparent plastic for this, and red for the ramscoops. Nicely the nacelle grill appears on the underside too so lights shines right through.


There is plenty of nice decoration to seen all over the model. Voyager’s registration ‘74656’ appears in several places, even on the underside and exposed engine parts are painted grey or light brown. Impulse engines are visible in red and a tiny deflector dish is coloured green. It’s all nice stuff, just a shame that detail on the top couldn’t be a bit sharper. It may well be an aspect of using die-cast metal.



  • Detailing: 3/5 (plenty of detail, but could be sharper)
  • Construction: 5/5 (the only visible joins are on the underside, nicely executed)
  • Faithfulness: 5/5 (spot on)
  • Ship design: 5/5 (swish and very classy. Stupid window design though, thanks a lot Tom Paris!)
  • Overall: 4/5 (A smart design, well executed)

Check out Eaglemoss’s fancy new ‘Hero Collector’ site which recently announced five new ships:

  • Saber Class, as glimpsed in ST:First Contact – looks super cool
  • Original Romulan Bird of Prey – yep the one with the bird painted on it
  • Borg Tactical Cube – I’m very interested to see how they execute this
  • USS Relativity, appeared in ST:Voyager from the Future
  • Khan’s Botany Bay

In my next post I’ll be looking at the garishly green Romulan Drone.


One thought on “Delta Flyer, Issue 38 and New Issues News

  1. I see your Delta Flyer has the same shoddy paint on the Starboard Bussard Collector/Ramscoops.

    Did you notice any other glaring paint issues? I have a ‘hole’ in one or two spots on mine (paint didn’t pool/merge completely in that spot) as well I noticed 2 other flaws I cant recall the specifics of.

    Still an excellent model.

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