Star Trek Starships Collection News

JFK announced ‘Ich bin ein Berliner’ in solidarity with the West Germans in 1963. I would like also to do the same – so that I can claim four great Star Trek models! With the launch of the collection in Germany it appears they have the extra bonus of four special shuttlecraft models.


Too bad this isn’t available for us Brits (nor non-Europeans), so I’m going to have to work out how to get my hands on these. However it costs an extra €1.50 per issue, so it’s not particularly cheap considering there are currently 90 issues.

In other news it does appear the next two special edition models are from the JJ Abrams movies. Model four is going to be a Klingon D4 (as seen in ‘Into Darkness’) and the fifth is the USS Kelvin.

In the next week or so I’ll post my review of the Delta Flyer, so look out for that.


11 thoughts on “Star Trek Starships Collection News

  1. I’m still hopeful we’ll get the shuttlecrarts in other markets. Perhaps bundling all four together as a special issue after the Kelvin.

    1. Hey man I’m just starting my subscription now have u had any trouble receiving the models. Or is the stock good for Canada

  2. as a Canadian myself I am hoping these four shuttlecraft can be put together in the special section of ships. I didn’t subscribe to the eaglemoss star trek ships, but have been buying them thru a company in the United States. So far of the special ships, I have the JJ Abrams Enterprise and just got the U.S.S. Vengeance today in the mail. They are big ships, good detail as well. Cant wait to see what the Kelvin and D-4 Klingon ship will like as well.

  3. an eaaglemoss japanese model sold recently on ebay for £230 , did you manage to subscibe to the german edition for the shuttles , i tried in vain but failed ( language barrier ) i signed that petition

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