Eaglemoss Collection – 22nd Century Klingon Bird of Prey

Federation aside the Klingons are the best represented race in this collection. The 22nd Century Bird of Prey from ST:Enterprise is the fourth Klingon ship in the collection and I expect at least two more to appear in future issues plus a special at some point. This is also one of the smallest models so far and surprisingly one of the most intricate.


There is so much to like about this little model. I’ve not seen a model in the collection yet that uses such small components. Along the neck are two thin conduits, barely a couple of millimetres thick and to either side thicker pipes snake along the neck and around the bridge. Yet another small piece wraps around the front of the bridge. It’s quite impressive really as the pieces are so fragile and must be fiddly to assemble. On top are two impulse engines with yellow plastic used for the rear vents. One is a bit wonky unfortunately having not been glued into the right place. There is more good use of transparent red plastic, at the back for the warp engine and at the front with a green grill painted on. It’s a nice effect.


Underneath there is a myriad of weapons – two under the bridge, a huge pair of disrupters under the main hull and even larger cannons on the ends of each wing. It makes quite an aggressive looking vessel. The signature Klingon green hull has a worn, mottled finish and unlike some models is applied everywhere. Yep, this is a well executed model with only a wonky impulse engine to complain about.


  • Detailing: 5/5 (the most detailed model in the collection to date)
  • Construction: 4/5 (so nearly perfect)
  • Faithfulness: 5/5 (no component overlooked
  • Ship design: 5/5 (one of the better Klingon ship designs)
  • Overall: 5/5 (an excellent model)

3 thoughts on “Eaglemoss Collection – 22nd Century Klingon Bird of Prey

  1. It is a nice model, although (as with most Klingon ships) the green on green colour scheme seems a little dull to me. I’d like the detailing on the underside to be a closer match to the top, although it is better than the Ferengi Marauder.

    I would strongly suggest you send that photo of the rear of the ship to EM and ask them to replace it. That’s a hideous assembly error, and you shouldn’t have to put up with it.

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