Surak Class Model Eaglemoss Collection

Time for another ST:Enterprise model – the Vulcan Surak Class. It’s a long needle like ship circled by a hoop housing the warp engine. It’s an interesting design that has been simply yet effectively reproduced by Eaglemoss.


It’s drably coloured in muted red with some darker squares of hull plating as well as a few details marked out in grey, yellow and blue. The accompanying magazine mentions that the Surak Classes are built for scientific or combat purposes and are coloured red or copper respectively. I think the model depicts a combat vessel, but I’m not entirely sure. Any comments agreeing or disagreeing with this appreciated. The neck attaching the hull to the hoop is the most detailed piece with rows of windows and red transparent plastic used for the impulse engines. You can see two shuttle bay doors in the picture below.



It’s a perfectly well made model but it’s not one of my highlights of the collection.

  • Detailing: 3/5 (mostly plain, with some detail around the impulse engines)
  • Construction: 4/5 (joins only obvious on the underside)
  • Faithfulness: 4/5 (lacks some detail)
  • Ship design: 3/5 (unique yet simplistic)
  • Overall: 3/5 (interesting design not matched by anything else in the collection, but rather bland)


In my next post I’ll be reviewing the Klingon Bird of Prey from ST:ENT.


3 thoughts on “Surak Class Model Eaglemoss Collection

  1. Yes, I agree they’ve done the best they could with it, but it was never going to be a show-stopper. Maybe if it was larger it could include more detail, but it’s always going to be somewhat bland.

    As for the type of model, the inset pictures on pg. 8 of the magazine show that the top (red) version has a different rear configuration from the bottom (copper) one. You can see a row of lights or multiple small impulse engine ports on the scientific one, and the two large impulse vents on the combat version in the same location. So I’m pretty sure this is a copper/combat model.

  2. Did your stand fit securely into the base? Both my original and the replacement that I requested almost seemed like the insert was snapped off.

  3. My stand didn’t fit well. I had to use some of that tacky puddy used to hang posters and such. I was shocked, because at that time early into my collecting of these things I thought they were of a bit higher quality than they have turned out to be.

    I noticed in one of the pics here that the warp “hoop” is more oval than circular. That’s how mine is as well. I was looking for a perfect circle on the model.

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