Star Trek Starships Model: Hideki Class

This is the second Cardassian ship in the collection, the strikingly mustard coloured Hideki class, a powerful runabout like vessel. It first appeared in Season 2 of ST:DS9 and then made occasional appearances throughout the rest of the series. The design is actually quite simple as proven by the construction of the model as it consists of only four pieces – two halves of the hull and the two rear pincers. I’m not entirely sure what the purposes of the pincers are, but they are ship’s most striking feature.


I do like the colour scheme – there isn’t anything similar in collection so far, not even the Cardassian Galor class which is a light brown. The model is predominantly off-yellow with key features highlighted in orange-brown and dark grey. It’s quite a pleasing combination, with a few other details in black or white. The model feels heavy as the upper half of the hull is metal, only the underside and pincers are plastic. The same level of detail is given to the underside, if a bit plain in some places. Like the Galor class model the Cardassian Union symbol is painted on the hull, along with Cardassian text (I’m guessing it means either ‘Cardassian Union’ or the name of the ship).


Whilst the model is fairly simple with no intricate parts it means there are few joins and has a decent feel to it.

  • Detailing: 3/5 (some plain hull on underside, but nicely decorated elsewhere)
  • Construction: 4/5 (simple design means no bad joins or wonky pieces)
  • Faithfulness: 5/5 (well reproduced)
  • Ship design: 3/5 (nothing fancy)
  • Overall: 4/5 (an average model, scraping into 4/5 thanks to its interesting colour scheme and sturdy build)


In my next review I’ll be looking at the very first Vulcan ship of the collection – the Surok class.


2 thoughts on “Star Trek Starships Model: Hideki Class

  1. I agree; I think the colour scheme is strikingly pleasant, and it’s a good little all-round model. The past few ships have seemed to indicate a bit of improvement in Eaglemoss’s QC. Hopefully it will continue.

  2. I really like the simplicity of the design – I think it gives it a certain elegance. The design also invokes a feeling that the Hideki Class is the resulting offspring of a pairing between a Cardassian Keldon Class Cruiser and a Federation Defiant Class Escort… lol!

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