Eaglemoss Special: USS Vengeance

The third special model in the collection is the oversized USS Vengeance, as seen in Star Trek: Into Darkness. Like the previous special, the USS Enterprise, the model is much larger than the regular issues but rests on the same sized base. Taking the Vengeance out of the box I was impressed by its weight. The saucer section is metal and contributes most of the models weight which is quite substantial. It has a very solid feel to it, including even the nacelles which are normally quite flimsy.




Lets get the worst aspect of the model out of the way – the excessive number of joins. The saucer section is fairly good, with the join between the two halves visible only on the inside on the inner space, but the engineering hull does not look great. On the nacelle struts and the top of the engineering hull there are very large noticeable gaps. Often Eaglemoss make the joins run along natural breaks and edges obscuring them but here they seem to have forgotten this. It’s a real shame as everything else is excellent.



The design is really well reproduced, showing off the large central space in the saucer plus the two smaller triangular gaps. On the inside of the space white windows have been painted on. The underside of the saucer is even better than the top, with a great level of detail, especially where it joins the engineering hull. A small deflector dish of transparent blue plastic is recessed in the usual place and flanked by two spherical drones. I also like the design of the nacelles. They are chunky with cowled ramscoops (of black plastic I believe) plus the same at the other ends too. Part way along tiny transparent blue grills let in light. At the rear of the saucer more transparent plastic is used to make the impulse engines.



Overall the effect is brilliant, really showing off the ship’s militaristic aspect with less curves and more edges than other Federation vessels. The aztecing is blocky and covers every surface aside from the insides of the saucer spaces. Too bad there are so many obvious joins.

  • Detailing: 5/5 (good use of materials and paintwork)
  • Construction: 4/5 (really sturdy, but huge joins)
  • Faithfulness: 5/5 (excellent)
  • Ship design: 5/5 (a warlike departure from standard Starfleet design)
  • Overall: 4/5 (so, so close to 5 but loses out thanks to bad joins)

2 thoughts on “Eaglemoss Special: USS Vengeance

  1. Similar problem to the NuTrek Enterprise as well. Nacelle struts seem to be a difficult thing to realize in plastic. I’ve heard reports of people getting their Vengeance with the nacelles completely detached.

  2. Beautiful execution of what can be charitably called the worst ship design in Star Trek history. The included magazine is fascinating as it goes into great detail about much of the truly insane, uninspired questionable elements that were designed in, but thankfully never made it into the screen. Disk launchers and remote phaser drones and planet killing rail guns etc. The USS Reveangenous the Revengening! Has it all. Every bad over the top deuce ex machine super weapon was designed into this abomination by the apparently only mildly concussed design team. I know I am being mean here, but the USS Vengeance is what you get if you sit down with a 7 year old male Star Trek fan and ask him to describe his own personal bestest Starship ever. The one that would beat all the other ships. And this “7 year olds design approach” really comes through in the included magazine.

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