Star Trek Starships: IRW Valdore

The Valdore appeared in the last TNG movie, Nemesis, alongside the Enterprise-E (issue 21) and the Scimitar (issue not yet set). The Romulans are well represented in the collection as we have already seen the issue 5 Warbird and the issue 27 Bird Of Prey, whilst the Romulan Drone should appear as issue 39.


Eaglemoss seem to do well reproducing the larger ships and this is no exception. This is a very delicate model made of many thin pieces. I would not be surprised if people found their ships with bent nacelles upon opening as they are so thin. However my model is perfect without a single part out of place. There is a second set of wings but unlike the D’deridex class the lower set are smaller and hidden away, joined to the upper wings at several points. This has been really well executed by Eaglemoss, giving the smaller wing sections gentle curves. It’s one of few models that just as great underneath as on top. Amazingly the fine detail of the hull plating covers every single surface, and not even just the visible ones. The hidden top side of the lower wings are not neglected, though you have to look very carefully to realise it. I’m surprised by that as its a touch I have not seen in previous models.


The model is a thing of beauty to look at and hold. It’s quite light due to its thinness, but as the main part of the hull and command section are metal it feels well balanced and sturdy. It really puts the issue 27 Bird of Prey to shame in all aspects – ship design, attention to detail and construction.

  • Detailing: 5/5 (no surface is neglected and good use of different green hues)
  • Construction: 4/5 (the lower wing section is fantastic, big join on the underside though)
  • Faithfulness: 5/5 (excellent for a model of this scale)
  • Ship design: 5/5 (takes of the best of the D’deridex and makes it sleeker)
  • Overall: 5/5 (almost faultless in execution and design)


Coming up soon will be the review the USS Orinoco or the USS Vengeance – depending on which I choose first!


4 thoughts on “Star Trek Starships: IRW Valdore

  1. Yep, a great design, and well-executed. I have a growing sense that as we go along, the models are slowly starting to improve over time. Maybe after the complaints over the first two dozen or so, they’ve put more emphasis on QC. I’m crossing my fingers that this trend continues.

  2. I like it. I just suspect not as much as you all. The paint trick they used (for lack of a better or common term I call it a reverse wash, where you was lighter color paint over darker) can sometimes cause some nice effects. But I find after many attempts to use it it just makes things look more plasticy. And that’s kind of what we see here. Well applied lighter green washed over darker green to create a reverse effect on the details. It works more or less well, with a few spots where it got to heavy. Not a bad ship, but not one of the great ones. And its a far cry from the D’Deridex War Bird that it is the replacement for.

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