Star Trek Starships Collection Special: USS Vengeance

I received the latest special model today, the USS Vengeance. Like the previous special, the JJ Abrams Enterprise, it’s much larger than the regular models. As you can see from the photo it’s well packaged in polystyrene.

IMAG0709Full review to follow soon.


4 thoughts on “Star Trek Starships Collection Special: USS Vengeance

  1. I got mine as well yesterday, along with the Runabout and the Cardassian Hideki class. Probably the best single shipment so far from Eaglemoss. All three are fantastic in different ways. Can’t wait to read your reviews.

  2. Ive got my vengence and i love it. The size of the ship is great, its got a good weight to it. The runabout is a great wee model real nice detail.

  3. USS Vengeance was a disappointment when i got it. Opened the box to find the nacelles loss in the box. No glue on the parts. The joint under the deflector also hadn’t been glued and the back of the ship was bending as a result. When i went to put the nacelles on they don’t sit evenly.The right one sits lower on the back and the left one seems to be to high. Also the base does not fit the clear holder and i will need to reshape it and glue it in place in order to hold the model up when i have the other faults fixed.

    The ship has a nice weight to it and also the detail is good but very disappointed in how it was put together and dispatched in such a bad state

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