Star Trek Starships Issue 30: Nausicaan Fighter

Well we are now a third the way through the collection after over a year of blog articles. We’ve seen many of the classic ships any discerning Trek fan would expect to see in a decent collection. Still we are missing a few classics, especially the most original of all, the NCC-1701. We have seen the NCC-1701 refit in issue 2, plus the JJ Abrams Enterprise special. Don’t worry it will arrive but we are going to have to wait another 20 issues. I hope by then Eaglemoss will have improved on the manufacture of the Enterprise after the disappointing refit model. Judging by recent models I have high hopes.


Issue 30 introduces a very obscure ship – the Nausicaan fighter. The Nausicaans have appeared on and off since ST:TNG, generally as supporting characters but in ST:ENT we finally got to see a ship of their own design. It’s a single hull vessel with concealed warp engine and an impressive looking array of weapons. On the model there are eight seperate weapons, plus one rear facing one on the underneath. I would say this is probably the first time I’ve seen a model that is is more interesting and detailed underneath than the top – like the opposite of the disappointing Ferengi Marauder.


There are some great touches to this model such as the multitude of weapons and the satisfyingly rough paint job. However I would have been more impressed if the warp engine ports were made of transparent plastic green rather that being painted on. It’s been done on most other ships so I feel the absence is noticeable.


There are certainly worse models in the collection, but this is not a particularly outstanding one either. I can’t fault the quality of the build, but I fear it looks a little dull in comparison to other models.

  • Detailing: 3/5 (nice weapons array and paintwork, but that’s about it)
  • Construction: 5/5 (half metal, half plastic and only one join)
  • Faithfulness: 3/5 (the warp engines are there but in muted colours)
  • Ship design: 2/5 (a few decent touches, but nothing special)
  • Overall: 3/5 (a decent but unassuming model)

Coming up for review next is the Valdore, the Romulan vessel from ST:Nemesis.


One thought on “Star Trek Starships Issue 30: Nausicaan Fighter

  1. You keep bashing the Ferangi Murader model due to it’s lack of detailing on the underside. Truth be told, that is 100% accurate to all models built and then later recreated with CGI. The reason was, the designer wanted to create the new “Klingon” for TNG, as the early Idea for the Ferangi were going to make them the dominent enemy on the new series. They spent so much time getting the drive side(The dome) and the weapon side(what we now know as the front) that they had little time to completly imagin the bottom. There was a scripted episode where a small attach craft disconects from the underside of the ship, so the designers schetched that out with hopes to complete later as they ran out of time to build and film the model. No finer detail was ever made by any designers for the Ferangi Murader as the plans for the species changed, and thus it was not neeeded. ALL footage of the Ferangi Murader in every series focuses on the topside, the bottom is never shown. (i had 3 small models of this ship as a kid, they all were the exact same thing, and that is how i learned about the production timeline causing a 2/3rds complete ship to be filmed.

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