Romulan Bird of Prey

This is the second Romulan ship in the collection, the first appearing way back as issue 5, the Warbird. The good news we should be seeing at least two further Romulan vessels in the near future – the drone ship and the Valdore. This ship is based on the ST:Enterprise Bird of Prey, not the simpler, bird emblazoned ship from ST:TOS. However there are many similarities between the two. I suspect we won’t see the ST:TOS Bird of Prey due it’s simplistic design. Much like the Tholian ship from the previous issue the ST:ENT versions are a bit more sophisticated.


Unfortunately I’ve found the Bird of Prey a bit of a let down. The plain colour and lack of decals makes the model look like a Fisher Price toy. There are some painted window lights around the upper hull and prow and some of the panels have a darker, shinier green paint job, but that’s it. The only other colour is provided by the transparent turquoise nacelle inserts which do look quite good with light shining through them.


The design itself is rather nice and is instantly identifiable as Romulan even if you’ve never seen the ST:TOS episode it appeared in and the model appears to be faithful to that design. The nacelles don’t fit snuggly to the nacelle struts though, leaving a jarring gap that should probably be filled.

  • Detailing: 2/5 (very plain and lack of decoration, but some transparent parts)
  • Construction: 3/5 (nacelles don’t join well to the struts)
  • Faithfulness: 4/5 (nearly perfect, but colour makes it look plastic-y)
  • Ship design: 4/5 (great reimagining of a classic Romulan ship)
  • Overall: 2/5 (its plainness just makes it unappealing)

6 thoughts on “Romulan Bird of Prey

  1. I agree; the lack of suitable contrast between the ‘base’ colour and the ‘highlighted’ areas is not enough to make the ship appealing. It’s like the bottom of the Ferengi ship, but all over. The Valdore, which I got a few days ago, has a similar problem, but that ship has an exciting design and a lot of detailing, which helps quite a lot.

    And why do non-Federation ships rarely if ever have identifying marks? Star Fleet loves painting the ship name and registry number on almost every available blank space. But ‘alien’ ships eschew this for some reason. In the Eaglemoss collection, I think the Cardassian Galor class is the only non-Federation model that has hull markings (in what I assume is Cardassian).

    Getting back to the Romulan warship, my nacelles seem to be attached slightly better. Just more slipshod QC, I suppose.

  2. I also agree about the blandness of this one. I was looking closely at screencaps and it looks (to me) there should have been a little more contrast between the hull and the plating. At least they could have made the impulse engines yellow.

  3. YOu wont see the ST:TOS bird of prey, while its one of the most beautiful and popular designs ever, the original model was used to shoot with, and then vanished. Only one was ever made. The designer did not have exclusive rights to the studio, so it is believed he took it with him and refused to let it be used again unless paid as an exclusive deal. This is why later in the ST:TOS series the Romulans were using “Captured” Klingon D12 Cruisers.

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