Eaglemoss Future Models … 90 Issues Confirmed!

Eaglemoss has posted some advance images of their forthcoming models, as well as confirming they are planning on extending the collection by twenty models. From their Facebook page:

We’ve got the go ahead to go to 90 issues now… I’m going to announce 41 to 50 on this page over the course of the weekend.

Here are two models I’ve been eagerly awaiting – the Danube Class Runabout and the Delta Flyer.  Eaglemoss has chosen to reproduce the USS Orinoco, which appeared in many episodes of ST:DS9.

runaboutThe Delta Flyer will appear as the 38th model of the collection and though about half a year away from being released the prototype already looks excellent:

deltafIn the background of this shot you can see early versions of other models, namely the Andorian Cruiser, USS Grisson and the Romulan Drone which looks very striking.


Finally, confirmation of further models:

  • Issue 41: Klingon Raptor (from ST:ENT)
  • Issue 42: USS Pasteur (Olympic Class Starfleet vessel from ST:TNG “All Good Things”)
  • Issue 43: Species 8472 Bioship (various episodes of ST:VOY)
  • Issue 44: Intrepid (from ST:ENT)
  • Issue 45: Malon Freighter (from ST:VOY)
  • Issue 46: USS Enterprise NCC-1701 C (ST:TNG)
  • Issue 47: IKS Negh’var (from ST:DS9)
  • Issue 48: Armoured Voyager (appeared in final ST:VOY episode ‘Endgame’)
  • Issue 49: ECS Fortunate (appeared in ST:ENT)
  • Issue 50: USS Enterprise NCC-701 (from ST:TOS)


  • USS Vengeance (from ST:Into Darkness)
  • nuKlingon Fighter (also from ST:Into Darkness)

5 thoughts on “Eaglemoss Future Models … 90 Issues Confirmed!

  1. I’m a new subscriber (still waiting on my confirmation) but I’m excited about this series, particularly the special issues. My question is, how much do these specials cost? Are they a fixed price or is there a range, depending on which ship is featured?

  2. I have been deliverd TWO norsican raider models and one should be a romulan warbird from edition 30. I have tryed to e mail you and have had no reply .please contact me so i can send back unwonted model and arrange for me to recive the correct model. If i do not recive a reply i will cancel my remaining editions as my set will not be complete ..with thanks david laidlaw

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