Eaglemoss Issue 25: USS Prometheus

After a busy few weeks for me time for a new review! I’ve got a bit of a backlog to get through having received last week the Tholian ship and Romulan Bird of Prey.

The Prometheus appeared once in ST:Voyager when the Doctor is transmitted via a Hirogen communications array to the stolen vessel. Generally Voyager episodes starring the Doctor are my favourite, and as this one has two EMHs it’s doubly entertaining. The ship’s unusual feature is it’s ability to split into three separate warp capable vessels, all with their own nacelles and weaponry. The accompanying magazine makes it clear how this works.


It’s another well executed Federation model with all the details I appreciated – namely plenty of decals and features, a great hull pattern and use of different materials. The hull pattern is entirely different to the aztecing on other Starfleet ships. It’s hazy, mottled and slightly blocky in grayscale’s which covers both top and bottom of the hull. The nacelles are left plain though.


There are so many interesting details that make this model so appealing. The phaser arrays are well defined, as are windows, escape pods and sensor palettes. On the top of the hull you can see the dome of the main bridge and behind it the retracted nacelles for the top section. Even this has a little red ‘swoosh’ that appears along the main nacelles.


As you can see the USS Prometheus has four nacelles – the second in the collection after the USS Stargazer. When the ships splits into three two sections keep a pair of nacelles each. The top part has small retractable nacelles on the top and bottom. Of course you can’t see the bottom one on the model as it doesn’t actually separate. The nacelles are great – they have both the usual blue transparent inserts, plus a red transparent part of the ramscoops. A nice touch is the separate piece for the deflector dish, similar to the Enterprise E’s, but in transparent blue instead.


In summary this is yet another carefully thought through model. There is little to disappoint here, aside from a rather plain area on the underside of the main hull.


  • Detailing: 5/5 (so many interesting details and materials)
  • Construction: 5/5 (few obvious joins)
  • Faithfulness: 5/5 (very good for it’s size)
  • Ship design: 5/5 (arrow-headed design is sleek and powerful)
  • Overall: 5/5 (all round excellence)



6 thoughts on “Eaglemoss Issue 25: USS Prometheus

  1. I would not give Eaglemoss 5out of 5 for this ship. First of it should have been bigger. If you put it beside the Nebula class or Akira class ship for instance it is smaller or even the Nova class ship. It would most certainly be bigger than a Nova class ship. I have the version Furuta done and this looks like a lazy copy with just a few details changed. It is the exact same size as the Furuta version. Its like they just got the templete Furuta used and then made the necelles and some other parts more detailed. I think they should have made it bigger and made it that it could seperate into 3 parts would not have been too hard to do. The deflector also is not done very good. Also the top outer edges of the saucer section are not quiet right either. I love this ship but would only give it 3 and a half stars by Eaglemoss.

    1. The ships are not to scale, do you not think if they where the enterprise D would be massive compared to the defiant. Then theres the romulan warbird thats twice the size of the enterprise D. These models are fantastic for the price. If i was paying £150 for a model i would expect the best of the best, but for a tenner the detail is great. People like just moan and complain about the smallest thing thinking you know everything there is not know about star trek and model making. You would have somthing to cry about if eaglemoss stopped producing the series. If you think furuta is so good stick to them. Oh wait there collection is piss poor eaglemoss is doing a great job.

  2. So technically it’s bigger than a Nebula or Akira class ship. So what? None of the Eaglemoss ships are done to the same scale; or are you suggesting this ship is naturally bigger than the Excelsior?

    Also, none of the Eaglemoss ships having moving parts, so getting this ship to separate into three is asking a bit much. These are ‘display’ ships, not ‘toys’ to play with. Granted, nobody can say Eaglemoss’s QC is outstanding, but for less than a tenner, as long as everything is spelled right on the hull, it’s hard to complain too much.

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