Star Trek Starship Collection: Nebula Class

Nebula Class ships are abundant in the 24th century Starfleet, utilised often for exploration and warfare. They have appeared across ST:TNG, DS9 and Voyager as well at least two movies. For some reason Eaglemoss have chosen to put the USS Honshu livery on this model – obscure enough I had to look it up on Memory Alpha. Not that I mind that at all, though oddly enough the Honshu is never mentioned in the accompanying magazine.


The design is similar to the Galaxy Class, though shorter and more compact. The saucer section is almost identical, though it has no impulse engines on the rear edge. Eaglemoss have obviously re-used the same components as the Enterprise-D, but with some tweaks. The layout of the escape pods and windows are the same, as is the aztecting. The hull colour is different though, a bluish grey that makes the patterning hard to discern.


From above the USS Honshu is a boring looking model. Unusally it is underneath where all the interesting features lie. Here you’ll see the nacelles, identical to the Galaxy Class’s (apart from using a lighter coloured red plastic for the ramscoops) and a truncated engineering hull (which has a slightly different design for the deflector). I have no problem with seeing recycled components from the Ent-D model – after all the Nebula Class is supposed to have many of the same elements as the Galaxy Class, so it’s entirely appropriate.


The main feature that that makes the Nebula class unusual is the upper sensor platform. It’s a pretty ungainly looking feature, like an oversized spoiler on a sports car.

In general it is a reasonably well put together model aside from the rear struts. Here there is no decoration, just plenty of joins and gaps. See for yourself with the following image:


  • Detailing: 3/5 (same quality as the Ent-D, but let down at the rear)
  • Construction: 3/5 (again good but many joins apparent at rear)
  • Faithfulness: 4/5 (generally quite accurate)
  • Ship design: 3/5 (pretty ugly)
  • Overall: 3/5 (an ugly model with some construction flaws, but faithfully reproduced)

4 thoughts on “Star Trek Starship Collection: Nebula Class

  1. The sensor platform and left nacelle strut on my model is cocked to the left, very disappointingly. I agree that the rear of the ship seems very bland, compared to the detailing elsewhere. The big problem however, is “United Federation of Plananets” on the sides. Almost every ship with English on it has a spelling error somewhere. You’d think the Federation would have improved spellchecking by the 24th century.

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