Krenim Temporal Weapon Ship

The Krenim Temporal Weapon Ship appears in only two episodes of ST:Voyager, same as the USS Equinox. That makes it a fairly obscure vessel (though not as obscure as the likes of the USS Thunderchild), but being the antagonist’s vessel in the well known ‘Year of Hell’ two-parter many will recognise it.


It’s good to see a ship in the collection that differs considerably in design to most others. Only the Solar Sailor and Borg Sphere can boast a more unusual shape.


The ship is mostly made of plastic, with only the claw like rear hull being made from metal. That piece must be solid as it’s quite heavy and makes the model’s centre of mass within the smaller secondary spherical hull. At first look I was impressed with the number of pieces required – about 18, but I later realised quite a lot of models have a similar number of components.


Most of the hull is decorated with a pixel-like pattern of dark and light grey shapes, whilst most details are picked out in blue  or turquoise. Two large circular patterns on the main spherical hull are photo printed and there are long running pieces of transparent blue plastic on the insides of the weapon’s claw. The only undecorated parts are the insides of the two rings but it is not noticable. The use of the transparent pieces is a good idea as whilst I don’t think there are actually parts of the ship they are used to give the impression of energy emanations.


  • Detailing: 4/5 (plenty of decoration and varied components)
  • Construction: 5/5 (joins are not obvious considered complexity)
  • Faithfulness: 4/5 (pretty much as near as you can get for a model this size)
  • Ship design: 5/5 (unusual and a break from twin-nacelles styled vessels)
  • Overall: 5/5 (an excellent addition to the collection)

6 thoughts on “Krenim Temporal Weapon Ship

  1. Yes, it is an unusual ship, and I think a lot of people are warming to the model once they get their hand on it. The ‘pixel-like pattern’ is aztecing, but on a much smaller scale than any of the Star Fleet ships we’ve seen so far, no doubt to convey the huge size of the ship (several times larger than Voyager).

    The ‘tail cone’ at the end of the ship seems to be slightly off-centre (same as mine), which is a minor irk, but not bad enough to be a serious detraction (more on that with the Nebula class ship next). And with no writing on the hull to misspell, it comes across as one of the nicer ships so far. I think it’s been a real surprise to many collectors.

  2. Although the USS Thunderchild only made one appearance in Star Trek: First Contact, the AKIRA class starship made more than one appearance in VOYAGER, and was in many episodes of the last 3 seasons of DS9 during the war with the Dominion. It is also featured in at least 2 video games, one of which is the popular Star Trek Online. The AKIRA is actually one of the most recognized designs in Star Trek history, and is a favorite of many people, including me!

    1. Are you posting this in the right area? What’s the Akira class got to do with the Krenim Temporal Weapon?

  3. I think that the Krenim Temporal Weapon Ship should have been part of the special issues; being the protagonist vessel, made bigger and more to scale with USS Voyager. Those could make excellent diorama material. Given the immensity of Anarax’s obsession, the ship should have a size to match.
    Perhaps I’ll pass.

    1. Well… making the KTW a ‘special issue’ solely for the sake of scaling it up against the Voyager model is something that would satisfy just a tiny handful of fans. It is still only a single-episode vessel, after all. I’m sure every ship so far in the collection has fans that would have preferred it as a special.

  4. does it bother anyone else that there is no crystal on the front of the weapon array? In the episode when you see the ship from the front you can clearly see there is a crystal in the front (gives the idea that the beam needs to/can be focused by it) but it is missing in the model.

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