Eaglemoss Collection: Forthcoming Models

Today I received the next two models in the series. A rather odd looking Starfleet vessel and an alien ship of a design totally unlike any other in the collection.

Krenim Temporal Weapon Ship


An interesting design, comprised of many pieces.

U.S.S. Honshu


A rather ugly Nebula class Starfleet vessel that actually looks nicer upside down.

I’ll post full reviews of both this month.



4 thoughts on “Eaglemoss Collection: Forthcoming Models

  1. I know, why does the saucer look nearly blank of any detail? Especially inside the phaser ring.

    A few things that have been rather annoying as of late: plastic pylons, leading to several bent and awkward nacelles; and no finer detail paint jobs.

  2. The Nebula class does have aztecing, but it’s much more subtle than the Ent-D. At first I was thrown by this as well, but if you look closely, it *is* there.

    However that doesn’t excuse the bent nacelle and top equipment/weapons pod on mine and others, nor the by now obligatory misspelling (“United Federation of Plananets”).

  3. There’s only 3 days left for the month of june, I hope your review of the nebula class and the other ship comes out before july.

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