Eaglemoss: Klingon V’orcha Class Attack Cruiser

Aside from the Bird of Prey this is the most recognised Klingon warship. Its been reproduced in many model collections so it is of no surprise to see it in the Eaglemoss Collection. I think it’s a pretty unattractive ship but it certainly has the militaristic bearing you would expect of a Klingon vessel.


Most of the model is die cast metal, fashioned out of two pieces – one for the top half of the hull, another for the underside. As usual the join between the two is on the underneath where it is very apparent, but when it’s on the stand that isn’t a big deal. It appears the pincer-like bridge is not a separate piece which is sensible as I have received plenty of models with slightly mis-aligned pieces that have a narrow join.


According to the magazine the Vor’cha class has two bridges – the forward bridge (at the top of the front pincer segment) and a ‘flying bridge’ (a plastic part above and behind the pincer). At the rear is a large plastic component comprising the weapons platform. These plastic pieces, which include the nacelles are lacking the faint patina the covers the plating on the main hull, and the same is true for the underside. Nevertheless is it well executed in the main with plenty of interesting details. I like the use of several pieces of red plastic in the nacelles and also the engines too, something I hadn’t noticed initially as the pieces are so small.


This is definitely a good inclusion to the collection, both in terms of importance and execution. I award the model four badges out of five.

I have already received my Enterprise E model so I’ll being reviewing that in my next post.


4 thoughts on “Eaglemoss: Klingon V’orcha Class Attack Cruiser

  1. It’s a nice, solid model, seemingly slightly larger than most. I especially like the Klingon logo and text on the hull, which I felt was lacking in some of the earlier Klingon ships. But like the Ferengi Marauder, the underside is lacking the same hull detailing that the top of the ship has, as noted in the review.

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