Star Trek Starship Collection: USS Stargazer

Time for another obscure Star Trek ship, the USS Stargazer. It appeared in one episode of ST:TNG only, but it was mentioned in various episodes as Picard’s previous ship and he kept a model of it in his ready room. We’ve already had one ship in the collection with a third nacelle (the Enterprise D Refit), so why not one with four?


I think there is a lot to like about this model, and very little to dislike. Let’s go over the problems first. My model has a gap between the saucer section and engineering hull where the two parts haven’t quite slotted together. Also one of the painted docking bays is smudged. Both seem to be recurring issues with the collection – plenty of attention to detail during design, but variable quality at construction time.


I do like the four nacelles though as it feels like I’m getting value for money with this model. Compared to a standard Starfleet model there are several more parts which makes for a more interesting look. The nacelles are based on the Enterprise A Refit’s, with two exceptions. The trailing ends are flat, not angled and the transparent blue inserts for the ramscoops have been replaced with dark grey plastic.


The engineering hull is very industrial and un-Starfleet. It is blocky and embossed with various components. The saucer section is very similar to the Enterprise A Refit too, if slightly thicker and has the same aztecing as the Excelsior. The underside has the addition of several raised blisters and the centre is nearly identical to the bridge section on the top. There is also a odd weapon-like structure too which, according to the accompanying magazine, was actually a part of a Japanese robot toy on the original model this was based on.


Overall, tonnes of interesting features and a nearly, but not quite perfect execution. That’s a full five badges out of five from me.


11 thoughts on “Star Trek Starship Collection: USS Stargazer

  1. The lower right nacelle on mine is labeled “UNITED FEDERATION OF PLANETE”, but it’s so incredibly tiny you might never notice it. I’ve heard lots of complaints that the registry number is wrong/wrong place/wrong font, and so on, but I don’t see the problems myself. I do think the saucer section should be slightly thicker, but overall, I like it quite a lot.

  2. The registry is the wrong way around on the under side of the saucer – though this is consistent with the studio model.

    The ship also appeared as the ‘Hathaway’ in the episode Peak Performance. The constellation class can also be glimpsed in Redemption Part 1 and 2 as part of the fleet and also appears in DS9.

  3. The primary hull/saucer is incorrect. It should be at least twice the thickness. The shuttlebays (blue rectangular areas along the saucer’s perimeter) are supposed to be the same height as those on the U.S.S. Reliant.

  4. I always loved this weird ugly little Starfleet ship. I don’t know why. This has quickly become one of my favorite of the Eaglemoss ships. I like playing with them with my Camera and this one just photographs well. The nacelle grills really pick up light and glow nicely, and the ships profile really works well from a number of angles. More so than I ever expected. Most of the Federation ships come across a bit flat in still photos making it harder to convey any sense of motion or presence. But the quad nacelles just work perfectly.

  5. On my model, the saucer is crooked – that, or the engineering/nacelle assembly is crooked. Either way, while on the stand it isn’t that noticeable unless you’re looking for it.

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