Star Trek Starships: Bajoran Solar Sailor

And now for something completely different, the Solar Sailor. Totally different from all other models in the collection in terms of size, design and materials. Here Eaglemoss have to reproduce a very complicated ship, with huge millimetre thick sails and a tiny hull.


I think they have made a good fist of it. Let’s go over the bad stuff first – the most obvious is the stand. The sails are too fragile to support the ship so by necessity the stand attaches to the hull, the only metal part of the model. Unfortunately this means the stand obscures the hull considerably. A solution that allowed the stand to attach the rear of the hull would be much better, but I can’t see how that would reliably work. As such it’s not so much shortsightedness on Eaglemoss’s part, but down to the unusual ship design.

With this problem aside the ship is quite striking. The sails are well executed if obviously plasticky and the hull is reasonably detailed. The colour of the sails and hull are correct, but the sails do not have the metallic sheen they have on DS9. I think that would be very hard to reproduce in plastic.


All this aside, I think it is a good execution. The model demonstrates the ship’s fragile nature well and really stands out. Saying that, I’ve actually dropped it a couple of times, and amazingly it didn’t break. Four out of five badges.


6 thoughts on “Star Trek Starships: Bajoran Solar Sailor

  1. Actually, the stand attaches to the rear of the ship. The cockpit is the tiny opposite end. The part the stand attaches to with the large windows is the ‘living area’. You can tell because the sails would obviously billow out in the direction of travel.

    Mine arrived broken – one of the small side sails had detached. Luckily some superglue put everything right. I expect there will be plenty of stories about people getting damaged ships in the post. And yes, I’ve already dropped mine once, but I was sitting down and it landed on carpet, so it just bounced, amazingly enough.

    I think this has been one of the most anticipated models so far, if nothing else just to see how they would do it. It is pretty amazing. One thing I wish EM had thought to do would have been to put a scale comparison in every issue, with perhaps the Enterprise-D as the standard. So you could tell at a glance how every model compares in size to the D. Something to keep in mind when you compare the model of this Bajoran solar sailor to the Excelsior, for example.

  2. Mine arrived broken as well. The large port-side sail was broke off on mine. We tried gluing it, but it wouldn’t hold. In fact, the broken contact point didn’t look like it was formed correctly, so I don’t know how it would have held it anyway, which is probably why it arrived broken to begin with. Thinking about sending my model back for just a refund, as it’s one model I really didn’t want anyway.

    1. Oh, just to clarify, it was the sail that is directly to the side of the center one..not the one with the substantial superstructure holding it to the hull. The one that is only attached by a fine point.

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