USS Dauntless – Eaglemoss Model Collection

The USS Dauntless appears in one episode of ST:Voyager only, and is not actually a Starfleet ship. Sorry about the spoiler, but you’ve had fifteen years to watch it!


Dauntless has only a superficial similarity to standard Starfleet design. The hull colouring and aztecing is closest to the Enterprise D. The basic structure is an arrow shaped main hull, tapered at the rear. It does have two warp nacelles much like Federation vessels with the same transparent blue grills, but they are tapered and undersized compared to the hull, more like Voyager.


This is another well executed model with some nice features. I like the V-shaped quantum slipstream drive on the underside, made of the same transparent blue plastic. There is a lots of other little details, like the red decals on rear edges of the hull, the light blue panel by the slipstream drive plus the usual windows, escape pods and even the name is spelt correctly this time!


I was disappointed by the previous model, the Ferengi Marauder, because of the poor underside. This time there is no such problem, the model looks good from every angle. There are some obvious joins between the top and bottom pieces of the hull, and along the top of the nacelles which is a shame, but no worse than usual.


My score for the Dauntless is four out of five badges.


4 thoughts on “USS Dauntless – Eaglemoss Model Collection

  1. Out of curiosity, why not five out of five? My impression is you would like it more if it was a ‘real’ Starfleet vessel. That should be besides the point, surely. It’s a very well done representation of a ‘one-shot’ ship.

    1. It’s a fair point – I think I would like it more if it was a ‘real’ Starfleet vessel! There’s certainly a lot of personal bias in my final rating admittedly, but my description of the model’s execution is truthful for those interested in model quality.

  2. Hey, Does your model have the red insignia on both sides?? Mine only has on one side and when I contacted E.M about this they said that it was a developer flaw and all models were the same. However if this isnt the case I’d be inclined to get back on to them again to see what can be done. Although I suppose another way to look at it is that its a rare variant at the end of the day.

    1. Hello,
      Yes it does – you can double check the the photos to see it appears on both sides (just in case we’re referring to different decor). I have seen plenty of flaws on various models, so it doesn’t surprise me, but maybe worth holding onto.

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