Star Trek Starships: Ferengi Marauder

The collection has had a good mix of Starfleet and alien starships so far, from across the various TV series and movies. In recent issues we have seen Jem’hadar, Cardassian and Borg vessels, all pretty serious threats to the Federation at some point. Issue 16 introduces one of two Ferengi vessels, the Marauder (the other being the ugly Ferengi shuttle). The Ferengi are barely a threat, though they have all given Picard, Sisko and Janeway pause for thought on occasion.


I keep forgetting which is the front as it I think it works well as either end being the prow. As it is, the smaller pincer-like end is the prow, with the curved edge at the rear. It’s a very simple model requiring very few pieces. It is, in essence, made up of two pieces, the very nicely decorated hull, and the underside which I’ll come to in a moment. There are two additional parts at the leading edge of the rear hull and one tiny piece stuck on top, plus transparent engine grills, pale lime green instead of the Starfleet blue grills. The nice touch with the grills is that are on the top and bottom of the hull and allow light to shine right through.


The paintwork on top is very good, with plenty of details picked out. The colour is unusual – an odd dull red that is faded nicely in several places. The underside however is sorely lacking in any attention at all. It’s like looking at the bottom of toy car. Its flat, one colour only and embossed rudimentary components. The only interesting points are the very large engine grills.

I’m certainly glad Eaglemoss has included the Ferengi in the collection, it would be amiss to not do so. However the poor execution of the underside is a disappointment, though fortunately one you do not notice when the ship is on its stand. For the Marauder I award three out of five badges.


5 thoughts on “Star Trek Starships: Ferengi Marauder

  1. I agree completely. There seems to be a Marmite-like reaction to the paint job on the Marauder, with some people really liking it (I do), and some really disliking it. They seem to think the ‘fading’ or ‘misty’ effect somehow detracts from the sharpness of the model. I think it adds a sense of scale; and let’s not forget, this is supposed to be an ‘alien’ ship, after all.

    And yes, the underside is probably the worst of any ship so far, on a level with the ‘inspired by’ Borg cube lamp. It’s almost like two different models. All that’s lacking is three cheap little wheels, and it’s a Happy Meal toy. However, I will say that if you look at the few images of the underside of the ‘real’ ship as shown in the accompanying magazine, it too shows an almost complete lack of detail. So on one hand, EM carried out their brief to make the model look as much like the original(s) as possible. On the other, maybe here a bit of ‘artistic license’ might not have been a bad thing.

  2. Love your reviews, and agree with most of them!

    FYI – I had my Marauder for about a month and have been frustrated with the loose fit in the base, which I had mounted as you do in your first picture (and as the accompanying magazine instructs), I relocated my collection. After the Marauder literally fell off the base twice, I looked more closely at the stand’s arm and tried turning it around. With the fittings of the arm sliding forward around the back of the bridge section instead of back around the front interior curve of the rear shell, the model sits much more snugly in its base!

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