U.S.S. Equinox NCC-72381 – Eaglemoss Model Collection

As I took the Equinox out of it’s box I was immediately impressed. This is a colourful, well executed model.


According to the accompanying magazine the Equinox is based on a prototype Defiant, before the compact, enclosed nacelle design was chosen. It follows the usual conventions of Starfleet vessels but for the striking, angular ‘saucer’ section.


There is a lot of detail here that I appreciate. As usual the same transparent blue plastic is used for the nacelle grills, plus each nacelle has a pair of stubby fins on top. The ship has no aztecing, and is predominantly a light grey, but the details are picked out in a variety of colours. Key components are brown, recessed hull plating is dark grey, windows are blue (including the oval bridge ceiling), and various red lines. A nice touch is the obvious outline of a large shuttle craft on the underside, with the ship’s registration printed on it.


This is definitely one of my favourite models, so I can easily award the USS Equinox a full five out of five badges.


4 thoughts on “U.S.S. Equinox NCC-72381 – Eaglemoss Model Collection

  1. I love this model – it’s definitely one of my favorites from the collection. I only have one complaint and it’s not the typo, (by some random lightening of the lettering, my ship’s name looks correctly spelled) but it does have to do with the paint job! When I was checking my model out after studying the ship plans, I realized the impulse engine was never painted on… so intead of looking like the typical red thrust exhaust, it looks like regular grey hull plating that can be found anywhere on the ship!! It’s all I notice when I look at the model now.
    Also, did anyone notice the image for the USS EQUINOX in the model archive on the Eaglemoss website is of the USS RHODE ISLAND? I know there is a disclaimer about the images not necessarily being the exact version, but I thought it might point to the Rhode Island showing up as a model later down the line…

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