Star Trek Starship Collection: Alternate Enterprise Special Edition

It’s been a few weeks since I received the second special edition of the series, the alternate timeline Enterprise. I was a bit disappointed with the first special, Deep Space Nine, as it didn’t look very impressive. The alternate Enterprise (or JJ Enterprise) is more outstanding at first glance.


The special edition is roughly one and a half times bigger than the issue two Enterprise Refit, but uses the same elliptical stand all the models use (apart from DS9). The hull is bright white with light grey aztecing with transparent blue ramscoops and deflector dish. The brilliance of the hull certainly makes for a more eye catching model. The deflector design is a seperate concave piece of plastic, and not recessed like other Federation models. Unfortunately on my model it has been glued wonky which is a shame.


Another disappointment is the obvious joins all over. Generally I don’t mind those on the underside of models, after all they have to go somewhere, but there are joins running along the top of the nacelles and where the nacelles attach to the pylons which are very obvious.



Because of the large quantity of joins on show I can’t give the model any more than three badges out of five, especially as it costs nearly double a standard model. From a short distance it looks great on my shelves, but close up the quality is lacking. So very nearly four badges, but not quite!



11 thoughts on “Star Trek Starship Collection: Alternate Enterprise Special Edition

  1. Yikes, those joins. ‘Tis hideous! But on the upside, it’s quite a beautiful model when my eyes are closed. 😉

    I’m happy Eaglemoss is making models of ships no one would ever bother to make, but man… hit and miss like there’s no tomorrow!

  2. I can see where the dish on mine is slightly crooked, but nothing like yours. I don’t know if the joins bother me that much. Maybe I don’t examine my models in quite the same detail. My biggest worry about this model however, is that the saucer section is metal, and the nacelles are plastic. This causes a huge imbalance in the weight, and I’ve had to be very careful in handling it, as the potential for dropping it is greater than any other model so far.

  3. I was curious — are you in the UK? I called today to find out when the Enterprise special would be sent to me (as a US customer) and they said it hadn’t even been released yet. Yet I am seeing this model pop up online for sale, including at The clerk on the line was unable to even tell me when it was planned to ship to US customers.

  4. I received mine in the mail today (US customer) but there was no magazine, but there was no magazine with it. Did they not make a magazine? I thought the advertisement for it showed one.

      1. It turns out there is a magazine for it. It was just delayed being shipped out. My magazine arrived today with my Issue 23&24. I just arrived home and unboxed it 😀

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