Eaglemoss Collection: Cardassian Galor class

The Galor Class warship is the most commonly seen Cardassian vessel in Star Trek, and one of the most powerful. The design is quite unlike most other warp capable ships, having no discernable warp nacelles or any other obvious methods of propulsion. According to the accompanying magazine it has an ’embedded warp engine’.


A few key features are the half-saucer command section, raised above the main hull, the rear pincer section and a small deflector at the front of the main hull, made of transparent red plastic.


From above the ship looks partly like a scorpion and partly a manta ray. From underneath the bulk of the main hull is apparent, and it’s quite blocky. The hull is uniformly brown apart from a darker patch on the command section and some light patterning underneath the main hull. Nevertheless there is plenty of details such as grills, raised sections and even Cardassian symbols.


The underside of the model is quite plain, but not completely neglected. The only problem is that all the joins are obvious underneath, so it pays to keep the model on a low shelf. It’s not a very attractive ship, but it’s well executed and a welcome addition. I’m going to award it four badges out of five.


One thought on “Eaglemoss Collection: Cardassian Galor class

  1. People have complained that the tone of the brown paint looks to be wrong. Well, in my observations, in artificial light, it does look a bit off, but in natural sunlight, it looks about spot on as it does in the show if shown with distant sun light reflections.

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