Star Trek Starships: Jem’hadar cruiser

The Jem’hadar cruiser is the first of two Dominion warships in this collection. Unlike most Federation vessels it’s built purely for military purposes. The design reflects this – it’s all sharp edges and curves, like an assortment of blades.


It has sharp, curved, warp nacelles in a similar position to Starfleet designs, but that is pretty much where the similarity ends. There are smaller, matching fins at the top and a fin the runs along the underside. All these components are plastic, apart from the main hull itself.


I like the colour scheme of silver and pastels. Seems like an unusual choice, but it works. Most decals are brown, but grills are light pink and the impulse engine pale blue. Other nice features are the windows on the upper hull and placement of joins – from underneath it’s not ideal, but from above it’s near enough perfect.



I’m awarding this Jem’hadar model four out of five badges.


3 thoughts on “Star Trek Starships: Jem’hadar cruiser

  1. According to the accompanying magazine, those aren’t warp engines; they’re fuel storage tanks. The engines are the smaller fins along the top of the body.

    A nice looking ship overall, but a very un-Trek design, which I suppose is appropriate, considering it’s from a culture that has no influence from the Alpha quadrant. But it does slightly resemble a Bird of Prey if built by Romulans.

  2. Nice review. Just to point out, the Jem’hadar ships are not Starfleet or Federation vessels. The Jem’hadar are the soldiers for The Dominion.

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