Eaglemoss, from hell’s heart I stab at thee

Keen eyed commenter Warren spotted an egregious typo on the USS Thunderchild.


United Feoeraion of Planets. You cannot be serious.

Also, here’s a closeup of the typo on the Enterprise D refit. I can’t even imagine what happened to cause this.



Intiaparinu must surely mean Enterprise in some other language. Maybe.

Could do better Eaglemoss, could do better.


8 thoughts on “Eaglemoss, from hell’s heart I stab at thee

  1. Don’t forget the backwards-pointing banner on the Defiant’s left nacelle, too. And the typo on the Enterprise refit is also on the original (non-refit version).

  2. Actually, from what I understand, the misprint on the Thunderchild is NOT a misprint as that is preserved from the original CGI model, which is also why it doesn’t have U.S.S. Thunderchild on it. Don’t know what the deal is on the AGT Enterprise, but then…never much cared for that obscenity anyways.

  3. @SHADOWKNIGHT1, where’d you get that information? Must be true, as the German version out today has the same misspelling. With the Defiant, we got the fixed version.

  4. I will check mine later. I didn’t notice any weird typos, but I’m kind of hoping it has it, because it’s so goddamned odd. Was it someone’s joke that got mistakenly used? I mean, I could see “Enerprise” or some similar typo, but the one above is absolutely ridiculous nonsense.

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