Eaglemoss Model Issue 12: USS Thunderchild

When I was much younger I was given a copy of the DS9 Technical Manual. I poured over the schematics of DS9, but I especially remember the pages at the back of the back with technical data and drawings of Starfleet vessels. Amongst those was the Akira Class. I don’t recall ever seeing one in any episode or movie, but according to the issue 12 magazine the USS Thunderchild did appear in ST:First Contact.

tchildOf all the Starfleet vessels I have received this is my favourite design. It’s very similar to the Enterprise NX-01, the two seemingly built upside down to each other. Compare these two images of the NX-01, top side up and the Thunderchild, upside down.







The basic hull layout is the same, aside from being upside down from each other. The Thunderchild has a considerably more ‘modern’ style nacelle, a larger secondary hull between the nacelle struts and massive lengthways struts joining up with nacelle struts. These are large enough to be decorated with four rows of windows, implying they are at least four decks tall.


The ship is very well detailed, though as I don’t know it very well I can’t vouch for it’s accuracy. There is no aztecing, but plenty of embossed hull plating, windows and transparent parts. It’s one of the few ST:TNG era models to have a separate deflector dish piece made of transparent blue.

tchild_frontI can easily award the USS Thunderchild five out of five badges for it’s excellent design and thoughtful model execution.



10 thoughts on “Eaglemoss Model Issue 12: USS Thunderchild

  1. Yeah, nice model, odd design. Notice also that as per the images from “First Contact”, it is unique in not having the name of the ship anywhere on the hull. But it does appear in some of the non-movie images. Star Fleet must have very loose regulations about displaying ship names and registry numbers.

  2. Can,t believe you have not seen any Akira class ships on screen. The Thunderchild is in First Contact fighting the Borg Cube along with all the other ships that where the first ever Akira class ship was seen. After that there is loads off them in the war against the Dominion in DS9.

  3. Curious, if the ship does come with a flaw, such as the one sighted in the comments, will eaglemoss send you another one without the flaw ?? Your articles are preparing me to look out and I just want to be ready if I find one on any of my ships πŸ™‚

  4. A bit late to the party here, but this ship is also seen in a ST:Voyager episode, specifically the one where the doctor is sent to the Alpha Quadrant. It is one of the Federation ships sent to intercept the Prometheus. One of my favorite ship designs also.

  5. Even later to the party, but I think it also shows up at the end of voyager among the fleet of ships as Voyager exits the wormhole. It was the non enterprise big beauty model that they made for First Contact so they went and got their moneys worth out of it.

    I think this is my all time favorite Federation ship design. Apparently it’s Rick Berman’s too, which is why he ordered them to simply flip the nacelles and reuse it for the NX-01… bah!

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