Star Trek Model Collection: New Future Models

I occasionally check the model collection’s ‘running order‘ page just in case new ships have been added. Today I spotted that two forthcoming ships now have images where they previously said ‘image pending’, plus five brand new designs.

Issue 18: The solar sailor from ST:DS9. I’ve already posted about this before, but only now has an official image been made available.


Issue 19: The USS Stargazer, a four nacelled Federation ship. The top down image doesn’t make this obvious of course.


The rest of the models won’t be released until next year, but it’s nice to know what goodies are coming up. Issue 36 is the Federation Oberth Class. Like the Stargazer the top down aspect belies it’s construction. I happen to think it’s a pretty ugly vessel, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder after all.


Issue 37: Andorian Cruiser, from ST:ENT. This has a feel of a classic space ship design that has appeared in a myriad of computer games, which I’m not unhappy about.


Issue 38: The Delta Flyer from ST:VOY


Issue 39: Romulan Drone as seen in ST:ENT


Finally, issue 40: Enterprise, NCC-1701-B.





2 thoughts on “Star Trek Model Collection: New Future Models

  1. Kirk’s Enterprise is rumoured to be one of the last ships (no doubt to keep people subscribed until the end). One I’ve not seen mentioned anywhere is the USS Pasteur, Beverly Crusher’s ship. Not a particularly attractive one, but it should be included (there are lots of other ugly ships already in the collection, I think).

    I’ve seen calls for Eaglemoss to produce a USS Aventine, but I think that would be a mistake, since it’s only in non-canon novels. Best to stick to ships actually depicted on-screen.

    1. I disagree. The ships like the Titan and Aventine have quite a lot of fans. How about they focus on making items that will be of interest to the fans. I would love to have both of these ships in my collection.

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