Star Trek Starship Collection: USS Reliant

I’m now starting to run out of space for my star ship model collection. So far I’ve managed to confine them to a couple of shelves on a bookcase, but I may have to start encroaching on other horizontal surfaces. Alternatively I may have to pack some away, such as the huge plastic borg cube. The USS Reliant I will definitely be keeping out though.


The model is really well detailed – no areas of undecorated hull and plenty of great features. As always the nacelles use the transparent light blue plastic that has become the collection’s signature, but with the further addition of a ridged surface. There is the Reliant’s separate torpedo section, raised up on struts above the saucer section. There are several dark grey painted sections at the rear of the hull, top and bottom. Even the rim of the saucer section is decorated with little white windows.


Because it is so well detailed none of the joins are immediately obvious even though it has several components. This is an excellent model, worthy of the collection and I’m awarding it five out of five badges.



3 thoughts on “Star Trek Starship Collection: USS Reliant

  1. Agree with the description only comment to add of all the models reliant and the d,deridix war bird only ones that regularly drop off the stands any chance they get latest model surok ship disappointedly small

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