Eaglemoss Star Trek Models: Borg Sphere

Now 20 weeks into the collection an undisputedly different ship – the Borg Sphere. Aside from Deep Space 9 all the other ships (and you can easily argue DS9 is not a ‘ship’) have vaguely aerodynamic designs. The supposed technical reason for this is the use of shaped warp fields, requiring the nacelles. The Borg transwarp drive does not require nacelles and they build their ships based purely on functionality, not aesthetics.

The point of all this rambling is that it makes for a geometrically simple model. The top and bottom have a green opening, both ends having a hole for mounting. I’m not entirely sure which way is up, but I guess it doesn’t really matter. There is not really a hull as such, rather a assemblage of grubby looking plates and components. The paintwork is pretty good – dirty silver and matt black. Occasional patches are green, implying damaged areas.



The model has a satisfying heft to it. I’d be quite interested to open it up and see how it’s put together, but I’m not going to waste a tenner doing it.



I’m going to give this model three out of five. It’s perfectly well constructed and has reasonable detail, but certainly not as intricate as the actual ship seen in First Contact.


3 thoughts on “Eaglemoss Star Trek Models: Borg Sphere

  1. A lot of people seemed to have been eagerly awaiting this model, but I agree that the detailing is not as intricate as it could be (note the two-foot model of the sphere shown in the magazine). You could argue that it would have required a lot of spindly bits that might have been difficult to mold at this scale. But like the Borg cube, it seems like Eaglemoss felt they could get away without being such sticklers for detail here. And they’re probably right – almost everyone has slammed the lack of aztecing, etc. on the refit Enterprise (model #2). But the Borg sphere may actually be the least detailed model so far, and no one seems particularly bothered by it.

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