Eaglemoss Subscribers Only Gift: Borg Cube

What would you do with a massive plastic model of a Borg Cube? No idea? Me neither. There’s no doubt this model lacks the finesse of the standard Eaglemoss fare, but it is quite impressive. It seems like the sort of daft memorabilia Leonard or Sheldon would buy on a whim for their coffee table. As it is, it’s sitting on my coffee table at the moment fully loaded with four AAs and emanating a classic borg green light from various holes.


Sorry to say you need to be a subscriber for at least half a year to get your hands on one. It’s tacky to say the least, but it’s also pretty cool. I’m not going to attempt to give it a rating – it’s unique and that’s good enough.


12 thoughts on “Eaglemoss Subscribers Only Gift: Borg Cube

  1. To be fair, Eaglemoss does say it’s “inspired” by the Borg cube. Mine arrived yesterday with ships #12 & 13. Unlike the DS9 Special Edition, the cube is just packed in a plain white box (maybe that’s fitting for a Borg item). I agree that it’s not up to the same standard as the models, but it’s a great deal for free. I’d rather have it than not.

    1. Wasn’t impressed by the Borg cube. The five holes on the five visible sides are all the same, though the light that’s emitted is good. I got my paints out to brighten mine and I’m happy with the results, others may think it a little OTT though

  2. How do you turn it on??? My model takes 4 AA batteries in the base but I cannot find any push buttons or slide switches anywhere.

      1. Do you have an exact date when you received it? Since February 2017, they have been telling me that it’s out of stock and unavailable. Thanks for your help.

      2. Well I started my subscription in December 2014 and should have received it 6 months later. When I asked them about it they said the same to me too. After contacting them a few time they eventually sent a replacement out to me around the end of January and early February. I’ve heard that they can change when they send the gifts without giving notice but it did annoy me how long it took.

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