Eaglemoss Star Trek Collection: Deep Space Nine Special

Deep Space Nine was the first sci-fi show I really got into. I’d seen the occasional episode of TNG before, but the seven year story arc of DS9 really fascinated me. It’s still my favourite Trek series. In this post I’m going to review the two most iconic creations of the series – DS9 itself and the Defiant.

Before looking at the models themselves, a brief history. DS9 is not a Federation station, though for the majority of the series is it home to a Starfleet crew working with the natives of the local star system, the Bajorans. Originally built by the Cardassians during their occupation of Bajor it served as an ore processing plant staffed by Bajoran slaves. The station underwent several changes during the series, including upgraded weapons, moving position to the mouth of the Gamma quadrant wormhole and a brief re-occupation by the Cardassians and Dominion.

The station eventually became home to a small Federation vessel, the Defiant. The ship is smaller than most Starfleet vessels, a unique design and equipped with a powerful arsenal. It’s unequivocally a warship. There are actually two Defiants in the series, after the first build was destroyed by the Breen. This was replaced by the Sao Paulo and rechristened the Defiant, virtually identical to the original.


Let’s look at the Eaglemoss Defiant first. It’s a completely different design to all other Starfleet vessels. The nacelles are cowled and quite small compared to the hull. There is no saucer section, nor an engineering hull. Instead there is a single hull a few decks deep which has nacelles directly attached.


An unusual nose section protrudes from the front. There are some signature Starfleet components though. Red decals are abundant and the hull material is a light grey. There are sections of light blue hull, which gives the vessel a more armoured look.


I really like this model. It’s simple in design, but with plenty of details and of good quality. It’s mostly metal, apart from the nacelles and nose section. Unlike other models though the metal part feels as though it is hollow. The front of the nacelles have a transparent red cover, the rear transparent blue. I’m definitely biased due to my affinity with DS9, but I’m going to give this model five badges out of five.


The Deep Space Nine model is a special edition. It’s extra large and very heavy. The detailing is very good and has required many parts – at least 24. Thankfully this was the best packaged model to date. It came boxed in a large square of styrofoam, with a hollow sphere inside housing the model. It was well protected, though the fusion core on the underneath of the hub appears to be slightly off kilter on my model. That probably occurred at assembly time I expect.


As far as I can see it’s quite accurate, and there is as much detail as you would expect for a model this size. I’m disappointed with the hull colour, it’s a very bland grey and there is little difference in colour in the recessed sections – a yellowish grey. I would have preferred a metallic finish or a light blue sheen. Additionally, the plastic pieces are a very slightly different shade of grey which you can see from my photos. There are some red decals on the pylons, but even they are a bit washed out.


I’m disappointed. Thanks to the dreary colour scheme DS9 is actually one of the least impressive models on my shelves so far. As much as it pains me to do so, I can only award it three badges out of five.




8 thoughts on “Eaglemoss Star Trek Collection: Deep Space Nine Special

  1. I’m very surprised by the colour variations in your DS9 model. I had to pull mine out for another look, but the plastic pieces are almost an identical shade of grey as the metal. By contrast, the plastic on your photos looks a lot ‘pinker’ (or even ‘lavender’). I think the overall blandness of the metal pieces is probably correct, however. It was never a flashy looking station on-screen (certainly more interesting than the K7 station!).

    Also, one of my upper pylons arrived detached, which would seem to be a common problem. Some people have sent theirs back for replacement, but a touch of superglue would probably rectify the problem.

  2. I agree that the Defiant is very good, but it does have a few problems. One of the large decals on the nacelle is going the wrong way, and the hull plating should be painted in two shades of darker gray, not one (compare the panels on tops of nacelles to CGI model).

    As for DS9, it is disappointing… But not for the color or paint. Its probably the single best detailed ship in the collection so far. Its disappointing because the mold is obviously Off by a significant degree. The lower pylons are pushed inward, making the lower pylons look too short and bent–ruining the base symmetry at the heart of the design.

  3. I am amazed at how all of your ship models arrive in such good condition. At least five of mine have arrived with paint splatters in random places, broken parts, or detail defects, such as my Enterprise D being registered “170 D”. I have a theory that perhaps it’s because you’re in the UK, and US subscribers are being sent two month old defects that have been returned from the UK.

    Also, do you know any way to remove paint splotches from die cast easily? I’m going to look into cleaning up my Defiant. Even though the red lines aren’t straight I can live with that as long as I can clean up some of these random black dots.

    1. Hi, it does sound like you’ve been unlucky with your models. I really doubt they would send out returned defective ships to other customers, but I’ve seen certainly plenty of comments on their Facebook page regarding damaged or badly made models.

      I know I’d be really disappointed if any of my models arrived with defect. So far I’ve been lucky – my Bird of Prey was in two pieces, and my Enterprise Refit was poorly glued, but that’s all so far.

  4. I have just started collecting them recently and was getting them from Eaglemoss, but canceled because they are so darn slow. All of the ships I have purchased have arrived undamaged with the exception of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 (which came today). I have been getting them in bundles too which is nice and have saved about 100 dollars so far. That being said, I buy them from everywhere, always looking for them.

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