Eaglemoss Subscriber Special Edition: Enterprise D Refit


This version of the Enterprise D appeared in only one episode of TNG, “All Good  Things”, the very last episode. There are various differences from the original Ent-D, the most noticeable being the third nacelle above the engineering hull.


The model itself re-uses the same major components as the Issue 1 model, but with additional parts. I was impressed by the paint work though as it is slightly different. The aztecing is the same but the paintwork is much sharper. The escape pods are not as white, and the most unusual item seems to be a misprint. It read ‘Intiaparinu’ at the back of the saucer section instead of ‘Enterprise’! This makes me wonder if the refit model makes use of spares from an early run of the Issue 1 model.


The nacelles have been replaced with a new design, with a raised area running along the top. The nacelle struts have ‘fins’ and, most obviously a third nacelle attached to the engineering hull with a new strut that includes painted window decals and a double impulse drive.


On top of the saucer section there are two new large yellow weapons/antennaes either side of the bridge. I’m not sure what they are. There is also an odd blocky structure behind the bridge as well. I’m not clear what that is either. Underneath a strips runs along the saucer and possibly houses another weapon.


I’m not sure the Enterprise is improved by all these additions, but it is a nice addition to the collection. I’m going to award it one less star than the sleeker original design.




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