Deep Space Nine, Enterprise, Defiant & Excelsior Unboxing

Well it looks like I’ve got a backlog of models to review now. This weekend I took delivery of a bumper package of four ships.

The first two are the Defiant and Excelsior. I was expecting the Excelsior to be a pretty ugly ship with its odd flat topped engineering hull, but actually I quite like it.


The defiant is completely different to most other Federation ships with its concealed nacelles. It has a much sturdier feel than other models as it is once large piece. The front section is a bit loose on mine, but seems unlikely to come off.


Next is the Enterprise D Refit from ‘All Good Things’. This is a subscriber only free gift so you won’t see many of these about. As I suspected it uses most of the same parts as the standard model, with a few additional sections glued on. However the nacelles are unique to the refit and the saucer details are actually slightly different. As you can see the most obvious addition is the third nacelle. I’m not sure it’s very flattering.


Finally my special edition Deep Space Nine arrived as well. It was not cheap, but it’s of a far better quality than I expected so I’m not unhappy. Almost the entire station is made of metal so it’s pretty heavy.



In my next article I’ll review the K’Tinga battlecruiser I received last month, then I review these four ships in turn. Hopefully all before Christmas.


2 thoughts on “Deep Space Nine, Enterprise, Defiant & Excelsior Unboxing

  1. My DS9 model arrived with an upper pylon that had come off in transit. I was able to simply press it back into place, but I don’t know what kind of glue would be best to secure it permanently. Still, I don’t plan on swinging it around, and it holds snugly enough so as not to make the model look bad.

  2. The USS Defiant presently on sale on eaglemoss has had the nacelle starfleet logo reversed so its facing the correct way.

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