Star Trek Model Collection: USS Voyager

Issue six of the Eaglemoss collection is the USS Voyager, the first Federation model that isn’t some iteration of the Enterprise.


You can’t see from my poorly taken picture but Voyager is a very pale greyish-lilac colour. There is no aztecing or any other shading, but as far as I have seen this seems to be appropriate. There is a lot of detail going on otherwise. Like the Enterprise D escape pods are identifiable as raised squares, golden for Voyager. Phaser arrays, sensors and both deflectors are coloured appropriately. On the underneath the registry number is visible in above the outline of the Aeroshuttle.


You can see the model maker paid close attention to the original designs as there is barely any part of the hull that lacks detail. The nacelles do have a translucent blue inset, but as the nacelles are so small compared to the vessel they don’t stand out so well as on the Enterprise D, or Enterprise Refit models.

This is definately another well executed model with excellent thought put into it’s construction.  A full five badges for Voyager.




2 thoughts on “Star Trek Model Collection: USS Voyager

  1. Wow. Do you work for Eaglemoss, by any chance? Because this review smells funny.

    The Eaglemoss Collection has had some great, standout figures, but the Voyager sure as hell isn’t one of ’em. In fact, of the 11 issues I have so far, its easily the worst. The mold quality of the metal is terrible, and the painted details on it atrocious. The Ent-D is of a much larger scale, but has all of its much smaller windows clearly molded and painted. Its very convenient that not only do you fail to mention this very obvious dip in quality, but also only take a good picture of the plastic underside a ash icy looks good. You’ve hidden th e ugly top of the Voyager in a blurry photo.

    And looking at your other reviews, most of your photos are perfectly crisp and close up. I really seems like you’re intentionally trying to hide the Voyager’s flaws.

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