Eaglemoss Models Enterprise D Plaque

The Enterprise D Plaque is a subscribers only gift that comes with the second delivery. It’s worth pointing out that subscribers don’t receive a delivery once a fortnight, but monthly, consisting of two issues at once. This led to some confusion on the official Facebook page as subscribers expected the plaque sooner than it actually arrives.


Anyway, here is a couple of close-up photos. I’m not exactly sure what it’s made of – some sort of ceramic perhaps. The starfleet symbol is hand painted and there is no unique serial number on the back, unlike the standard models. It does say ‘made in China’ however.


I’m not really sure what to do with mine really. At the moment it’s sitting on a shelf behind the models. It’s a bit of an odd special gift, but it’s appreciated none the less.


2 thoughts on “Eaglemoss Models Enterprise D Plaque

  1. Iam disappointed because i have not received my 12th and 13issue yet.dec 10th they received my payment but they refuse to send me my 12 and 13 issue.looks like iam going to go thru paypal and get my money back and cancel all the star trek orders.because iam not getting no where with customer service.i give customer service from 1 to 10 i give them a 00 because i have been lie to.so beware customer.

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