Star Trek Starships Collection Romulan Warbird

I’ve finally gotten round to reviewing the Warbird, issue 5 of the Eaglemoss Star Trek model collection, and it’s another good ‘un. The main aspects I approve of in a model is attention to detail, build quality and material. Firstly, detailing is very good. Small yellow squares have been painted on the bridge section and upper and lower struts depicting view ports.


The ship is painted in a dirty green with paler and darker green streaks which provides a particularly authentic, mottled hull. The inside surfaces of the two hulls are not given this same treatment though, just the base green coating. Without the mottled effect the interior surfaces looks unrealistic.


Pretty much the entire model is made of die cast metal.! The only exception are the warp nacelles and lower strut. The joins are not particularly noticeable and do little to detract from the model’s construction.

The accompanying magazine of is the usual good standard, ranging from a simple schematic of the ship to it’s inception and appearances on screen.


Aside from the interior surface’s disappointing paint job and a propensity for it to slip  out of it’s stand this is another great model. Four badges out of five.




5 thoughts on “Star Trek Starships Collection Romulan Warbird

  1. I was hoping there was more information about the Warbird Model other than its unique design. The actual model was more of a grayish green, and was made greener with lighting effects. But a solid introduction to the Romulans for this series. The model itself has some interesting paint effects to get the weathered look.

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