Eaglemoss Model Collection: Enterprise NX-01


Issue 4 turned up last week, and I’ve finally gotten round to posting some pictures.

nx01_topI think this may be my favourite model so far. It’s an excellent design, very similar to the Akira class. From above you cannot see any joins between the different components, and even underneath it works very well. A lot of attention to detail has gone into the production of the NX-01, from the hull aztecing down to the translucent nacelle grills which is always my favourite part of the Federation models. Here’s a great example of how effective the transparency is:

nx01_nacelleThe magazine has some detail on the ship’s design that I didn’t know before, such as the purpose of the section between the nacelle pylons (its a symmetrical warp governor).

Comparing the Enterprises of the collection, you can really see the evolution of the design. The Enterprise has a rounded, chunky design next to the NX-01, and the NCC-1701 is simple yet distinctive.


I especially like the construction of this model, the high ratio of metal to plastic and the unobtrusiveness of the stand. I’m awarding it a full five out of five badges.



4 thoughts on “Eaglemoss Model Collection: Enterprise NX-01

  1. I think that this is the best model yet, possibly due to the size of the ship being smaller – it looks better scaled down. There really are a lot of details on this one, I guess it’s because the original CG files were available.

    That said, I never really liked the ‘Akiraprise’. To me, it was too complicated when compared to the simple lines of the original Matt Jefferies design. I wish they’d used Jefferies original concept art that was later used in retrofit version seen for All Good Things.

  2. On page 7 of the magazine they have a detail wrong. In the comment relating to the picture of NX-01 Enterprise and NX-02 Columbia flying in formation, it mentions the beaming of crew between the 2 vessels whilst at warp. In the actual episode Cdr. Trip Tucker transferred between the 2 ships by use of a magnetic tether deployed from Columbia into the shuttle bay of Enterprise. Seems whoever proofread this issue of the magazine wasn’t familiar with the episode. (Apologies if you are only looking for comments regarding the models themselves.)

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