Star Trek Starship Collection Unboxing: Issues 4 and 5

It’s always exciting to receive a package, and especially more so when it’s unexpected. Today issues 4 and 5 turned up at my office, along with my second subscriber exclusive gift. I was expecting it next week for some reason, but here it is, bang on the issue 4 release date.

I waited til most of my colleagues had gone home and furtively opened up the cardboard box. Whilst I’m surrounded by a whole bunch of geeks I would be soundly derided if I brandished the NX-01. If I’d taken it a step further and taken out the Enterprise dedication plaque it would give my colleagues never-ending material to mock with me.


The packaging is much better this time – unfortunately last month’s box was pretty large so as to fit the binder in, so it meant the boxed models slid around inside quite a bit. No problem this time, everything fits inside perfectly.


I don’t have time to go through each item in more detail today, but I’ll post an article on each model as well as the dedication plaque over the next few days. I need to decide where to put the plaque. I wonder if my girlfriend will mind if I mount it over the toilet. I suspect I know the answer.


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