Star Trek Starship Collection: Issue 3

After the disappointing Enterprise Refit model of issue 2, the Bird of Prey is a return to the quality we saw with the Enterprise D.


Almost the entire model is made of die-cast metal, unlike the Federation ships that have plastic engineering hulls and nacelles. This gives the model a satisfying heft and feeling of robustness. It would probably be unwise to drop it though, as the disrupters mounted at the tip of each wing would likely snap off. The disrupters are the only plastic components which seems reasonable as they are very thin. Unfortunately it does mean they are quite bendy, and indeed one is slightly bent.

The paint work is excellent, giving it an expected battle hardened tarnish. The detail is also top-notch which is explained in the accompanying magazine. I had not realised the red band around the top of the forward section is the cloaking device emitter. The model is held onto the base by inserting the stand into the impulse engine which I think is quite clever.


All told, this is a great model of a really superbly designed vessel. I’m awarding four out of five badges, barely missing full marks due to the wonky disruptor.



2 thoughts on “Star Trek Starship Collection: Issue 3

  1. I am new to this collection I just got my bird of prey. I noticed an error in the magazine. It says Kirk boards, and commandeered and eventually renamed a bird of prey “HMS BOTANY BAY”. There are 2 errors in this statement. 1st kirk did not name it Bones did. 2nd he named it ” HMS BOUNTY” the Botany Bay was Kahn’s ship. Other than that I love the ships so far.

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