Star Trek Official Starship Collection Binder

Subscribers to the collection receive a magazine binder with their first delivery. It’s worth pointing out that they hold sixteen issues and considering that at least 70 issues are planned for release you’ll need to buy five binders.


There is a small amount of setup required when you first use the binder. Small plastic pins need to be snapped out and inserted into rows of holes at the top and bottom of the folder. I’m not sure I’m explaining it well, but the following picture should make it clear. The design whilst fiddly to assemble means each magazine is held in place without need for holes or clamps.



6 thoughts on “Star Trek Official Starship Collection Binder

  1. I still hadn’t started putting my magazines in because I had no idea how to set up the binder and I didn’t want to screw it up. A thousand thanks for the pictures!

  2. I have mine in the binder. At first I was taken back by it. Once I looked carefully at the picture it made sense. It really works great. Can’t wait to get it filled.

  3. It’s a tight fit, but the trick is to do it like the instructions indicate: leave the top pins in place, slide the bottom pin out, and put the magazines in top first. Then slide the bottom pin back in. It does take a few minutes to put in each issue, but it’s not a major operation.

  4. I just decided to put the magazines into a large 3 ring binder with magazine holders. I think it works better that way. Then I scanned the Star Trek logo and inserted that into the binder. It works well enough for me and still looks quite good. .Avoided the whole pins issue.

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