Starship Collection Update: Production news

Hello all,

I’m still waiting for issue two and three to turn up (I’m hopeful they’ll arrive tomorrow). I do have some updates on the production status of future models though.

  • Zephram Cochrane’s Phoenix (ST:FC) – design work in progress
  • Vulcan survey ship T’Panna-Hath (ST:FC) – design work in progress
  • Enterprise J (mentioned in ST:ENT) – confirmation only
  • Klingon Vor’cha Class (ST:DS9) – Prototype near completion
  • Delta Flyer (ST:VOY) – confirmation only, not in first 30 issues
  • Danube Class Runabout USS Orinoco (ST:DS9) – confirmation only
  • USS Dauntless (ST:VOY) – painted prototype created
  • USS Prometheus (ST:VOY) – unpainted prototype in production

Here are a couple of pics of ships that will be available in the next few months, the USS Reliant and USS Equinox. The Equinox looks excellent – really detailed and utilising transparent plastic in the nacelles again.




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