Issue 1: Enterprise D

The very first model in the collection is the Enterprise D from ST: TNG, the seventh Starfleet ship bearing that name. I expect there will be tonnes of these on eBay (yep, there is – I just checked).


The saucer section is die-cast metal whilst the battle section is made of several plastic pieces. The warp engine field grill is translucent turquoise plastic and the bussard ram scoops translucent red, which adds a bit of colour and light to the model. The detail is very good for a model of this size. There appears to be some details missing such as the tractor beam emitter and warp core hatch, though this may be because the model is based on an early design of the Enterprise. Generally though all the major features are there – Captain’s yacht, lifeboat hatches, docking ports, transporter emitters and so on.

I’m very happy with the quality of the model. It is well painted in most areas, though the deflector array paint job is not very neat. It has a satisfying heft and a simple yet effective stand. I’m looking forward the future Enterprise D refit with the third nacelle – I’m assuming it will be the same basic model with additional pieces attached.


I give the Enterprise D full marks – 5 out of 5 badges. The minor imperfections are so trivial they really don’t affect how cool the ship looks sitting on my desk.



6 thoughts on “Issue 1: Enterprise D

  1. I must say I was a bit dissapointed with this model and would only give it 7 out off 10 or maybe 3 and a half badges out off your 5. The reasons being the saucer section is not right at the edges. There is a full 2 decks and 2 sets off windows at the edge off the Enterprise D saucer and iff you look a it in there magazine it is as I say it should be there in the mag. Also the saucer shoud be able to seperate from the secendery hull not too hard to do an has been done before by Johnny Lighting when they made there model off it and they also got the saucer section right too. The deflecter is the other reason it losses a point from me. Saying all that I am still glad I have it just think iff they have reference to the actual CG models used in the shows and photograph of the original studio models where it exists then they should have got these few bits I mentioned right.

  2. I really love this model, the detail is quite impressive, however I am shocked for the incredibly obvious mistake in the shuttlebay 2 and 3 doors: in what Star Trek universe are the two doors the same size???
    Despite that, I’m very proud of owning this model ship.

  3. The ship that kept me from getting a subscription. I can’t bring myself to purchase this ship separately because Shuttlebays 2 and 3 are the same size. That asymmetry was fascinating to me as a kid, and I want that on my models. I returned a Corgi (?) brand Ent-D years ago due to the same problem.

    Wish the color was more small-screen, duck egg blue as well.

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