An Introduction To The Collection

Here’s some great news – Eaglemoss Collections has just begun their Star Trek Starship Collection piecework. I’ve never seen plans for such a comprehensive set of Trek models before, so it’s very exciting. As you would expect there will be plenty of famous Federation ships of the line and an array of alien vessels too. That sounds like marketing spiel, sorry about that.

The very first issue is out now, the Enterprise D from The Next Generation. If you’re in the UK, you’ve likely seen it in the newsagents everywhere, and on the telly. It appears whilst the first issue is only £1.99, the second will be £5.99 and £9.99 subsequently.

If you’re planning on collecting the entire set consider that there will likely be at least 70 issues, plus there are hints of some special editions too. This will set you back at least £687.33, plus more if you want to buy the binders for the magazine that comes with each model. I’m planning on collecting the entire series, so it makes sense to take out a subscription. This has a few benefits:

  • You receive two additional models – a light up Borg Cube and Refitted Enterprise D*.
  • One binder (though you need to buy at least four more to hold all 70 magazines).
  • Replica plaque from the bridge of Enterprise D.

So no real savings, aside from the binder, but you do get some extra goodies. Plus you can cancel at any point, just in case I wake up one morning and realise I’m wasting my money on models of fictional space ships. Unlikely.

I’ll review each model as I receive them, hopefully once a fortnight for the next 140 weeks. So far we only know what the first 30 ships will be, and we’re really looking forward to some of them. I never expected to see a model Kremin Temporal Ship**, or the USS Thunderchild***.

*TNG: All Good Things
**VOY: Year of Hell Part 1 and 2
***First Contact

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3 thoughts on “An Introduction To The Collection

    1. Hello Debbie, thank you for your comment. I haven’t received my binder yet, but as soon as I do I’ll add a brief article covering it. I do know that they only hold about 16 issues, so if you collect the entire set it you’ll need five of them!

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