Well we had the Enterprise E’s Cousteau three issues ago, now it’s time for Voyager’s Aeroshuttle, its equivalent of the Captain’s Yacht. In fact the runabout-like ship was designed with an emphasis on atmospheric flight, but like most auxiliary craft it is warp capable. Now we never got to see it in action in Voyager […]

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Issue 85 to 90 News

Today has posted an update on the six latest models. There are ships here we’ve been expecting for a while plus a wildcard. 85: Federation Holoship, from Insurrection. Discussed occasionally on Twitter and Facebook so not a big surprise 86:¬†Gorn Ship, from TOS, remastered. Again, we knew this was due. 87: UTS Aeon, from […]

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Romulan Shuttle

We haven’t seen a Romulan ship in the collection for quite some time, nearly a year in fact. Looking back at my past reviews reminded me that I should point out that you can access a list of all the reviews dating back to August 2013 by clicking the ‘burger’/menu button in the top right […]

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The Baxial is Neelix’s sturdy little ship, stored away in a shuttlebay aboard Voyager. The ship was rarely used over the next seven years, until Neelix left Voyager at the end of Season Seven. Now this is non-canon but according to Memory Alpha the Baxial is a Talaxian Drexia class freighter. I think it’s not […]

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NCC-1701-E Captain’s Yacht

Several Starfleet ships have their own yachts integrated into the ship’s hull, separate from their shuttlecraft compliment. Both the Enterprise D and E have one as does Voyager and the Equinox (the Waverider). With the exception of the Enterprise E’s yacht, Cousteau, none of them have made an appearance on screen, only as an outline […]

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Bajoran Raider

The Raider is the second Bajoran ship in the collection and like the first one, the Solar Sailor, this is a non-warp, non-impulse vessel. It is similar in size to a Federation runabout but considerably cramped inside with only a tiny cockpit for pilot and co-pilot. No doubt this is because the engine takes up […]

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