Shuttlecraft Set 2: Part 2

Continuing from last week’s article on the 2nd Shuttlecraft set let’s take a look at the other two ships in the collection, the type 7 and 15. Type 7 The type 7 is similar in ability and function as the type 6, which appeared in the first collection, but with its own distinctive design. This […]

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Shuttlecraft Set 2: Part 1

It’s shuttlecraft time again! After the success of the well received yet pricey shuttlecraft set back in 2015 comes the second set, another collection of four shuttlecraft. This time we get two auxiliary craft from the Enterprise D, an NX-01 shuttlepod and the executive shuttle as seen in The Undiscovered Country. As before each model comes […]

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USS Enterprise NCC-1701-J

The Enterprise J is the last in the canonical line of Enterprises, three hundred years after the first NCC-1701. I’ve been fascinated by this ship ever since I saw the brief schematic in the third season of Enterprise. Little is known about it other than it is about two miles in length and that it […]

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11 Inch Enterprise NCC-1701

I’ve now got several NCC-1701 variants on my shelves – the original Issue 50, the Mirror Universe special, the Yorktown (which I’ll review in the near future) and now the over-sized and over-priced 11 inch edition. It is a real sight to behold, a showcase if you will of what Eaglemoss can do if you […]

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A return to Enterprise for this issue with the Vahklas, a medium sized Vulcan transport ship. Its main appearance was a mildly uninteresting encounter in Season One with a crew of Vulcan outcasts. It was an entirely forgettable episode and, unfortunately, this is an entirely forgettable ship. I’ve not been a fan of the Vulcan ships, […]

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Federation Timeship Aeon

Since the time of ST:TNG we have seen the occasional two part special. They are often a chance to air a departure from the regular format with a bigger budget and a more expansive story. Take ‘Year of Hell’ (ST:VOY) and ‘The Best of Both Worlds (ST:TNG) as two classic examples. Not such a classic, but […]

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Gorn Starship

Everyone has seen the classic fight between Kirk and the heavy set lizard – the torpid Gorn captain. However not so many have seen the whole episode, and even less have seen the remastered version, myself included. This means the Gorn starship has likely been seen by very few as it only appeared in the […]

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