Springfield Class

The Springfield Class USS Chekov is another wreck from the Battle of Wolf 359. Like some of the other Starfleet ships from this battle this is a kit-bashed design so it has some familar elements and some new features too. The saucer reuses the Enterprise D’s classic ellipse shape with a large flat section at […]

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Borg Queen’s Ship

This is a rather surprising model and goes a long way to rectify the once poor showing of Borg ships in the collection. Following on from the success of the Assimilated Artic One a few issues back this is another outstanding model. The Borg Queen’s Ship, or Diamond was the final ship to appear in […]

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Cheyenne Class

The USS Ahwahnee continues the subcategory of Federation ships that appeared at the Battle of Wolf 359. Much like the ships from the Battle of Sector 001 these are barely seen at all aside from a brief glimpse in the background from a single episode. So far we have seen the USS Kyushu and USS […]

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Kazon Raider

The Kazon were the first antagonists to appear in Voyager, right from the very first episode. They are aggressive yet their ships are no match for Voyager, not even larger warships. In fact the Kazon Raider is actually a Trabe ship, the society which kept the Kazons as slaves until they were overthrown. So the […]

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Smuggler’s Ship

You may have noticed this model has a vague resemblance to the Bajoran Freighter from a few issues back. In fact there are many variations of this model such as the Husnock warship (though that may not appear in the collection). It’s an easily modified but frankly rather run of the mill design. In this […]

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Deep Space Station K-7

Space stations are critical locations in the Federation yet seldom seen, with the notable exception of Deep Space Nine. They will make the occasion cameo such as the Yorktown in ST:Beyond, Regula 1 in Wrath of Khan and K-7 in TOS and DS9. K-7 is right on the frontier of Federation space and next to […]

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