Borg Probe

It’s been a long time since I posted an article, having waited for several weeks for a rather delayed order. This seems to have affected many subscribers over the years but this is the first time it has been so noticeably bad for me. So bad in fact that the next ships were delivered the […]

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Tholian Starship (2268)

Most of the TOS ships in the collection are based on re-mastered designs. Some are entirely different from the 60’s design (for example the Orion Scoutship which was merely a pulsing light originally) yet others are much more faithful. The 2268 Tholian Starship is a hybrid of the ST:Enterprise Tholian Web Spinner which appeared nearly […]

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The OV-165 completes the set of future starships seen in the ST:Enterprise opening credits. The final four ships to appear are the OV-165, the Phoenix, SS Emmette and finally the NX-01. This is probably the ship which most closely resembles a real life space ship as it obviously follows the lineage of the NASA Shuttle […]

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Eymorg Starship

If you don’t know who or what the Eymorg are you’ll be forgiven. Yet they and their ship appear on one of the classic TOS episodes ‘Spock’s Brain’. The Eymorg are the Eloi/Morlock-like race that nick Spock’s brain to power their planet-wide AI. Spoiler alert here – he gets his brain back. Whilst the premise […]

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Niagara Class

Another issue, another Wolf 359 wreck. Of course the model does not appear in wrecked condition (though I’d love to see that one issue) but a pristine USS Princeton. It’s main claim to fame is its almost unique triple-nacelle design. The only other ship we have seen with three nacelles is the “All Good Things” […]

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I’m surprised this ship has appeared so late into the collection considering ‘Alice’ was the star of an entire episode. It wasn’t a particular great episode, but it was memorable enough. There are many ships already published that have had only fleeting screen time so it seems only fair for Alice to belong in the […]

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S. S. Emmette

The Emmette makes an appearance in every episode of ST:Enterprise, making it as commonly seen as the NX-01. However its time in the limelight is fleeting, appearing for a mere few seconds in the opening titles only. And when it does it is a shot of the back only, showing the ship’s oversized rocket assembly […]

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