USS Curry

The USS Curry is one mess of a starship. It was built hurriedly during the Dominion war and pressed into service as soon as its critical systems were ready. So whilst it looks a bit ridiculous it is an entirely capable if incomplete ship. It is pretty clear the Curry uses the same hull sections […]

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Tellarite Cruiser

I’ve been expecting this model since the issue 33 Andorian Cruiser three years ago. Both the Andorians and Tellarites appeared in the Original Series and then reappeared in Enterprise along with their ships. Whilst the Andorians appeared in several episodes of Enterprise the Tellarites were less often seen which is too bad as their ships look […]

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Challenger Class

Here’s another wreck from the Borg encounter and Wolf 359. Of course the model isn’t of a wrecked USS Buran but a fully intact one.  That would also be good to see though! The first time I saw the original production model I thought it looked ugly and one of the least presentable kit-bashed ships. […]

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USS Enterprise XCV-330

The special issues provides the collection with an outlet for the Kelvinverse and some rather interesting non-canon ships. Several of my top models have been recent special issues such as the NX-01 refit and  USS Franklin. The XCV-330 may trump them though. It is very large and extraordinarily distinctive. It does have a little Star […]

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Lokirrim Warship

We’ve had quite a few Voyager models recently, in fact almost every other model in the past six months has been a Voyager ship-of-the-week. The Lokirrim Warship is such a model from the final season and whilst it did only appear in one episode it’s a design that has been used by many other ships […]

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USS Phoenix

The Phoenix is the second Nebula Class Starfleet ship in the collection after the USS Honshu though this is the less commonly seem variant of that class. Often in TNG and DS9 we could see Nebula Class ships making an appearance with their odd flat, triangular sensor section hanging over the saucer section. The Phoenix […]

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Captain Proton’s Ship

This issue seems like a bit of a cheat as it is not real space ship. You can argue that none of the ships on Star Trek are real, but I think this is a step too far! Captain Proton’s ship (un-named I believe) appeared in a few episodes of Voyager within the confines of […]

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