I’m surprised this ship has appeared so late into the collection considering ‘Alice’ was the star of an entire episode. It wasn’t a particular great episode, but it was memorable enough. There are many ships already published that have had only fleeting screen time so it seems only fair for Alice to belong in the […]

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S. S. Emmette

The Emmette makes an appearance in every episode of ST:Enterprise, making it as commonly seen as the NX-01. However its time in the limelight is fleeting, appearing for a mere few seconds in the opening titles only. And when it does it is a shot of the back only, showing the ship’s oversized rocket assembly […]

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Romulan Science Vessel

It’s been over a year since the last Romulan ship, the Scout Ship. Issue 123’s Science Vessel is almost the same model. It has the same thin body, sweeping wings and pointed warp nacelles. The two major differences are the addition of a tail and a different design for the cockpit section. The cockpit section […]

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USS Yeager

The collection continues to scrape the barrel of Starfleet vessels yet has plundered another intriguing ship. Let’s get the obvious out of the way – this is half Voyager and half Maquis Fighter, but on the wrong scale. Voyager’s elongated saucer section is attached to the top of the fighter, but its wing tip weapons […]

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SS Xhosa

This blocky little ship fits into two categories – firstly that of ‘freighter’, a few of which we’ve seen in the collection and are generally ugly (Bajoran Freighter, Baxial, ECS Fortunate and ECS Horizon). Secondly it is a model that has been re-purposed many times in Star Trek for various ships (Again the Bajoran Freighter and the Smuggler’s Ship). The […]

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USS Bozeman NCC-1941

You may think the USS Bozeman is a heavily armoured Miranda class festooned with an array of huge guns. I did, and I was wrong – on two counts. Firstly the powerful looking weaponry is in fact a selection of sensors. In fact a similar thing happened to the USS Saratoga. Secondly this is not […]

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